8 thoughts on “100th post!!!!

  1. Hey Riley, congratulations on 100 posts! im an avid blog follower of yours 😀 those photos you posted of your new video, is it hosted anywhere? it looks good 😛

    yours from a loyal diapered fan

  2. hey Riley i hav a couple of questions ok 1 what r u doing in da bath tube and 2 can u send me a video of u wetting a pair of diapers for me because i would lyk to seee it please.

  3. HI I am transgendered and reading your blogs its like reading the story of my life! We use virtually the same products and the same way. I am planing on starting up on here this summer and document my transformation to my true self. Thanks for your inspiration!

  4. Yeah, this scene as a whole be kind of self-destructive, but there are still a lot of individuals out there out there that give a lot to the community. I think that's probably why the diapered blogosphere seems to be more artistically and intellectually fertile than hive-mind sites like DiaperSpace. Anyone who keeps a blog has the option to decide whether or not it will contain “BS nonsense” or interesting original content. The easiest way to improve the community would probably be for the people who run good diaper blogs to direct their readers to other community-minded diaper bloggers.

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