mothra destroyer of worlds

One of the questions I get more often than any is “What does your family think about your transitioning?” or “Have you told your parents you wear diapers?”. When it comes to doing something outside the social norms, often times family, friends, religion, work, or lovers stand in the way of someone doing what they really want to do, but sometimes those ties can’t be broken. It’s a tricky situation, but the more open-minded people get the easier it will be for closeted people to let their freak flag fly.

I don’t like to talk about my family on this blog, but that doesn’t come from a negative place. I have a small family, a sibling and divorced parents. We meet for holidays/events and enjoy each others company, I told my Mom I was bi when I was 17, transgendered at 19, and she’s fine with it, and not overbearing like some Moms.There’s a likelyhood that she’s reading this, but I’m not sure how often she check this site. She knows about the AB/DL stuff but it never really comes up. I managed to keep it completely hidden all through high school, which was a feat in itself.

My Mom, brother and I have been through some tough times together I moved around a lot as a kid and went to tons of different schools, my childhood is a pretty interesting story. Now that we’re grown-up, way less angsty and living across town from each other things are good. In writing this I got a good idea of another post, so I’m just going to end this hear and elaborate on that idea later… hope you enjoyed the extra backstory and I hope it will not provide a useful tool in stalking me.

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4 thoughts on “mothra destroyer of worlds

  1. Thats very cool.

    I too told my mother about my DL side and also that I was bi not more than 3 years ago. She knew about my DL side since I was little, I was always trying to wear diapers and plastic pants even when I was 8 years old and it has never stopped and I was caught many many times by her. At first I was punished but she grew to accept it.

    My family though would be devastated if they knew i was bi and into diapers.

    Thats why I would prefer living very very far away from them so I can keep my lifestyle a secret.

  2. haha so i read this whole thing before i read what it was titeled & i jsut have to say that i killed mathra just last week in that one dungeon with all the turtles!..

    sorry that caption made me happy!…

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