Are you a Hypnotist?

As your reading this, you feel your toes become lighter, the relaxing energy flows from your toes to your ankles, and they relax, letting all the pressures of the day off, you feel lighter, more relaxed with every breath as you listen to the drone of the computer…

This is a rough example of basically any induction (read: beginning) to a hypnosis tape. To get us modern day thinkers hypnotized it takes serious effort for both the hypnotist and the person they are putting under, you can’t just swing a pocket watch in front of someone and expect results anymore. Most of the people reading this would probably use hypnosis to do “special interests” things, like become a bed wetter or regress or have orgasms like a woman, things that most hypnosis professionals avoid. Luckily, the internet has tons of content.

WarpMyMind is one of the leading hypno sites and I’m able to upload some of the files from the premium section. If anyone has an issues with this, please let me know and i’ll take them down ASAP. All the information about the files is in the download files, and it’s mostly diaper wetting/bedwetting/feminization stuff. These are my modified files so you can make your own custom hypnosis session.

Here’s the link to the free rapidshare download

One of the most well known hypnosis programs in the AB/DL world is SocalAB’s Natural Unpotty Training Program. I’ve heard of this when I was young, while I was still searching for the magic bullet that will turn me into a helpless bedwetter or make me diaper-dependent. I received one of his tapes, the “Female Voice Wetting/Messing in Diapers only” one. I’ve spoken with SocalAB and he seems like a really nice guy, so I was very excited to check out his program.

As with any hypnosis tape, it has a comforting, clear voice and your standard induction to suggestion to waking with an extra file for subliminal, which I think could be just as effective. The WarpMyMind tapes don’t feature music in the background like the SoCalAB ones, which I’m split on whether to love or hate. For the sake of a better trance, the repetitive Muzak can get annoying, but does well to block out other sounds and I’m sure I’ll learn to tune it out. The silence of the WarpMyMind tapes lends to a more intense experience because I focus very strongly on the voice and words.

SocalAB also offers a male voice program, but for myself a female voice is more desired, a nurturing voice to coerce you into a submissive state. The studio-quality sound of the SocalAB files is probably the best thing about them, the WarpMyMind files sound like they’ve been recorded on a desktop mic. So, if you like the files i’ve uploaded but want to try something different, go explore his site.

As I’ve said before, don’t expect any serious results and use this more as a tool to reach your goal. These things work with time and staying in diapers 24/7 until your body naturally changes is the only way to really go about it. So have fun, good luck and E-mail me directly if you have trouble with the rapidshare, it’s totally free and pretty easy.

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