Not sure if I ever mentioned this, but I worked at Tower Records/Video a few years ago… More on that later, it’s embarrassing diaper story time.

When I worked at Tower I had made friends with the dreadlocked Marley, a very open-minded, hip and horror-movie obsessed genetic girl that I used to always close with at Tower Video. After we all left Tower, the coffee shops, electronics and bartending jobs ended up filling up with Tower people, mostly out of pity and love for the Tower franchise. I lost touch with some of my good friends due to working all the time and traveling, but I’d run into one now and then, and sometimes when I least expected it.

This happened to me a few years ago, when I was open about being a girl, but never really liked to do things like shop in my own town, I was also worried about tons of people knowing that I wear diapers, only a single local friend knew at the time. Anyway, I was visiting a friend in Benicia California and decided to do a little shopping on my way back. On my way out she put me in a big bulky Abri-Form with lots of powder, I left feeling very girly after being “made-over” by my relatively clumsy but well-wishing friend. Cute was another good way to describe how I felt, I was wearing basically this, same skirt, different shirt. And yes, there is a diaper under that skirt, can you see it?

While I was driving I stopped at a wholesale market and found a Buffalo Exchange, one of my favorite high-fashion thrift stores. I walked inside and shopped around like any other girl, and even though I had wet a little bit in the car, I soaked my diapers in the store. I was thinking I would duck into the restroom for a quick change, until out of nowhere I hear…


I turn around and here she comes full-speed ahead and wraps her arms around me, I forget I’m wearing a diaper and give her a big hug, realizing moments after that there’s no way that with both of our tiny bodies together she had to have felt the diaper. When the hug has ceased we start talking about where we’ve been and what we’ve done but the entire time I can see her eyes kinda scanning my waist to try to figure out what that softness around my midsection was. After catching up for a second, one of Marley’s coworkers walked up with a question, and the second she got near me she perks up her nose and says “what smells like baby powder?”

Marley looked at me and smirked, and I knew I was caught. She went off to help her co-worker and I continued to shop, I had a very wet diaper and kinda walked/waddled to the clearance section right near the bathrooms, hoping I could catch someone to let me in. After picking out a skirt I felt a hand on my shoulder and a whisper in my ear saying “it’s you that smells like baby-powder, right?”

I felt so strange, she knew I was a girl, but not that I was a diapered girl. I responded with “yeah, the baby powder, it’s so hot outside” and she gave me a look like I wasn’t fooling anyone. I showed her the skirt I wanted to buy and we chatted for a couple more seconds, until I realized I really should go change, so I asked her if she could unlock the restroom. The second I said that she pulled out her keys, gave me a big smile and said “so you need a change?”

I gave up, gave a sheepish grin and said “yeah, I guess I do” and she smiled even bigger and unlocked the girls room for me. I went in and changed into the Molicare I brought with me and walked back out, bought the skirt and happily found her outside smoking with a co-worker. I said goodbye and we hugged, and as I walked away she did the nicest thing you can do to a diapered person, she patted my padded bottom.

Marley and I have since talked online, and she could be reading this at the same time you are. I have lots of little random stories like this, but this is one of my favorites because I didn’t leave embarrassed, I left feeling good about people. Hope you liked my little diaper experience, more to come soon 🙂

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12 thoughts on “caught

  1. You know hearing this story from you makes me feel better, i have been following your blog for a long time and i am really glad to hear a good experiance from you. It seems you have been down lately and have been having some issue but i am glad you are finding some happiness. Good things come to good people Riley.

    Your friend,


  2. Very Good Story. Glad to hear an old friend is still open heart'ed. Makes me have more confidence with the people in our world.

  3. This is an awesome story. Make me have a little more hope for the better of humanity, and people's freedom in life style choices and the people around them.

  4. hey riley love your blog and i was wondering why dose under-where have to be divided in to boy i.e. boxers or girls i.e. panty im a guy and i love whereing panty's cause there comfortable what do you like to where and what's your take on this p.s im whereing panties now;)

  5. So glad to hear about a positive encounter.It's good to focus on the good one's and put any bad one's behind us. Hope all is well and look forward to the next post.

  6. Hey RileyK,

    Great story! I was on the edge of my seat all the way thru!

    You may have awoken a sleeping fetish in me… ❤

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