Penny’s from heaven

I get tons of E-mail, and I’d have to say that a good chunk of it mentions that I don’t post enough. I feel kinda embarrassed by my material sometimes and I want to always show off my good side, I’ve been accused of being too critical of myself in the past. One person that I always have admired for her persistence in updating her diaper diary is Penny from Her posts are always the cutest, and she so open about her thoughts, wants and passions. I feel like such a amateur in her presence, respect and admiration is a key part in trusting and submitting yourself to someone.

Expect to see more and more of me soon, and I’ll be posting a Best Of Internet link list for all my favorite AB sites, so if you have a link you want me to take a look at, let me know!

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2 thoughts on “Penny’s from heaven

  1. Hello Riley =) I have a small website that is a social community site that has been out for about a year and has grown so much in the last months and i try's my best to keep spam down and abdl safe unlike most social sites not saying any names (DS & IABDL shhh!).

    I adore your blog's and videos and always had your blog site link on our old and new site and loved to share your videos with other members but you got removed from youtube =(

    The link is and my name is LukeDL so why not add me as a friend =)

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