I feel like a lioness with my pride

I went to Pride this year for the first time, over the years I’ve become more open about meeting people like me, I was always afraid of getting a hard time about my fashion sense or my eyebrows or something along those lines from other trans-girls. I also feel a sense of jealousy from the other trans-girls at local meetings, I’m usually the youngest and cutest by a decent margin but barely have my life together. I’ve met some great people, but I’ve been living as a girl for a long time without any hormones or medical treatment as opposed to some of the other girls who still live as men but have been on hormones for years. But recently I’ve broken past these barriers, and embrace any chance I get to meet and interact with other transgendered people, I feel like I’m actually part of a community, especially after Pride.

This was me before Pride, I was wearing these little girl Pull-Ups under a SlimLine Tranquility. I also had my schoolgirl shirt and my pumas with little lace socks 🙂

This is my lovely friend, this picture makes a good point about gender perception. If you are a heterosexual male, you would be “less gay” for sleeping with my masculine, handsome Female to Male friend than you would for sleeping with that cute little girl on the left. Funny how that works…

This picture just made me laugh… “like a gay neighbor state farm is there”

I had a good time and really felt like a part of something, not just a lonely girl playing dress-up everyday. I’m hoping to get to Pride SF this weekend, I want to re-capture the feeling of being a girl with no fear, no anxiety, and no hostility. Someday I hope to get more than 1 day out of the year to have that protection, but until then, Happy Pride!

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2 thoughts on “I feel like a lioness with my pride

  1. Regardless what you wear you always seem to look cute to me. Since i first laid eyes on you i have been unable to remove your image from my head. Normally something like that annoys me but when it's you i just can't get agitated.

    I would happily help you feel more comfortable in yourself if you ever need to talk then just find me 😛

    Keep up the great work and above all else, take pride in what you do regardless of other people's opinions. (As long as you're happy then other people do not matter as much as you'd think)

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