you asked for it, you got it

I’m soaked right now… just soaked.

Bambino Diapers is one the only sources (besides ABUniverse and a few cloth diaper places) to get diapers made specifically for the adult baby. this is a little video to let the daddys/mommys out there to diapers their subs with a bambino, as well as the little ones who have to diaper themselves. I hope you enjoy, diaper review coming ASAP!

4 hours later…

P.S. after I did the video, I took a little nap while it was rendering and when I woke up my diaper was totally soaked. The important thing is, I put on that pull-up right before the video, and didn’t even cut into it so it could leak through to the bambino. I went to bed dry, and woke up with a very soggy bottom, but no leaks.

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5 thoughts on “you asked for it, you got it

  1. Just wondering… are those mediums?

    If they are… you should downgrade to smalls. Those are huge on you.

  2. Glad you were able to enjoy your bambino. It seems your getting to do what most of us would wet in our sleep.Keep up the good work

  3. i wood love try the bambino diaper it look like good diaper i use depind diaper pullup and three tabe daiper

  4. in a resent pasage you were talking about your boy parts and i was wondering if you could make another video about your boy parts and one video like pampered penney please

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