not angry yet

I just uploaded a few new videos onto my Youtube and all the normal drama has ensued. I have no access to my youtube account, so if you sent me a message, don’t expect a reply back, just E-mail me – protectionblog at This video was flagged down by some people that probably think I’m a depraved pedophile.

The creepiest youtube thing that has happened is I uploaded a video I shot and edited onto my channel privately because I wanted to have the other person take a look at it before I posted it. The video has zero views and I get a terms of use violation. I kinda freak out because I was afraid that someone watched it, but the violation was because of copyright. When the video was made Belle and Sebastian was playing in the other room, and youtube somehow identified that as a violation of Warner Brothers Records.

So heres the songs free of charge, I figure if they’re going to shut down my youtube because I like to listen to brit-folk when I’m being diapered, they can basically go die. F the RIAA, and Enjoy!



P.S. – I do want to point out that youtube is hands-down the best video site out there, no other site has as little restrictions for encoding and file size. Xtube is 50megs, Yahoo is 150, Youtube is 1 Gig. Youtube also allows you to change the pre-play picture, and the one on this video is horrible so you get a link not an Embed.

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10 thoughts on “not angry yet

  1. The reason the size 7's are more absorbant isn't really because it's larger. P&G put SAP (Super-Absorbant polymer) everywhere in the diaper that they could. The diaper is almost entirely all SAP with a light plastic covering. The Babydry doesn't have nearly the same amount in it.

  2. lol at a girl, stick it to 'em πŸ˜›

    youtube seem to be getting more and more uptight when it comes to copyright and stuff like that which kinda defeats the whole point of an “open video broadcasting site”. so i don't blame you.

    anyways i digress, cute as always hun, keep it up πŸ™‚

    lotsa love
    Andrew xx

  3. Riley, I know that you aren't genetically female, but have you tried using feminine pads as an absorbency booster in the size 6 baby drys? I thought that this might help make up for some of the lack of absorbency, and would like your opinion.

  4. Their just using the “Copy right Law”
    to get rid of people they don't like, I'm sure, a bunch of people
    are getting this copy right bullshit
    (pardon my french)

  5. You know… sometimes it is the smallest things that remind me that I'm getting older (32).

    You said that you had Belle and Sabastian playing in the other room. To me, that was a French cartoon that I enjoyed watching on Nickelodeon in the 80's and not a band. I know they took their name from the book/cartoon, but still.. It'll always mean the story first and a band second.

    To your main point about the article – I'm against blatant piracy, but they are going way too far with their methods of limiting when music is heard or used in a non-commercial video.

  6. “To your main point about the article – I'm against blatant piracy, but they are going way too far with their methods of limiting when music is heard or used in a non-commercial video.”

    I agree totally however most, if not all, unsigned artists would kill to get their music heard on youtube. If anything it's going to boost awareness and sales of something if you hear / see it. After all, people aren't all that likely to buy something they know nothing about. Before this blog was posted, I had never heard of Belle and Sebastien. While they're not to my personal taste, it is nice to hear different, off the wall, music every now and then.

    As I said before, the more measures put in place to prevent “Piracy”, the more the industry drives people to it which will take people away from youtube but anyway …

    Keep it up Riley and try and persevere. I think you're providing a valuable service and insight into a world that's larger than people think yet know very little about. I can't think of any other site that gives this kind of review so carry on doing it. πŸ™‚

    Lots of Love
    Andrew xx

  7. xtube's max upload size is 50 megs which means I have to encode my videos to garbage quality, and they dont allow tagged videos, and that site frankly sucks, they never update, and half the time their upload server is down. That site is run by monkeys.

  8. I know its an old post but i would still love to post a comment…

    I have had the same problem with youtube some many times that i have got so frustrated & i have now made my own youtube type site and called it DPRTube ( it is hosted on my own sever that is allways up and has good speed with lots of room for HQ videos there is Embed setings and no space restriction.

    why not try it out

    and i promise you will not get deleated for copy right songs or just being the way you are!

    need any help on this site email me on

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