If you haven’t seen this picture, what the hell are you doing reading my blog? Go rent, download or buy it!

also Annie Hall is really good, and Holy Mountain

ALSO, check out this threat posted on for my store. I’m pretty sure I have to transfer or quit my job, to be honest, you haven’t seen half of the abuse I’ve taken due to being transgendered person in an gentrified Russian/Christian environment

“this little faggot named riley is going to get his ass beat next time i see the bitch try to call security on me see what its got you your dead faggot ill be waiting outside pussy bitch watch your back”

gotta love

More on this later, and as I’ve said before… no legal advice please! I’ve sent an open letter to my employer and to Lamba, SGA, ACLU, and a couple other acronyms. Police report has been filed, but all I ask for is sympathy, and love, and maybe a clean diaper 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Shawshankery

  1. *hugs* Ya know I care for ya. I get that kind of thing all the time because I'm one of those “furry faggots”, and even crap from furries because I'm a babyfur, but don't let it get you down. I may not post too often, but I read everything you have to say (I have Google Reader on my iGoogle page). Now, did ya say ya needed a clean diapie? *holds out a pretty pink diaper*

  2. Surely you don't think one … person, and i use the term lightly, can honestly hope to shut you down. The things you do, say and write need to be done. If not by you then by someone else.

    Regardless what that piece of muck said, you are the hottest man and woman rolled into one neat package and to me that is heavenly. If someone doesn't like it then no-one's forcing them to stick around. I mean, come on get serious for a sec, the internet is huge and i'm sure there's something that asswipe would appreciate if not you, for some unknown reason, then probably an act of mass pointless violence on youtube as seems the type. My point is the internet is for everyone so can't we all just get along?

    Don't let it rattle you hun, one disgruntled person is nothing compared to the many that love and respect you so keep at it 🙂

    All the best on my birthday (04/07) lol
    Andrew xx

  3. Oh my goodness.. How can people be like that.

    I understand and am glad to have differing opinions of things and ideas, but the amount of anger that some people get over things that have absolutely no impact on them saddens me greatly.

    I do wish you the best of everything, Riley.

    Happy 4th, btw!

  4. Im sorry for all the trouble's your having at work. Some people are just so closed minded. Wish you luck in straightening it out.Sending lots of love,sympathy and would definitely put you in a clean diaper if it were possible.

  5. people can be retarded i say u use the comment he posted if u know who he is and get a restraining order he comes near u, then u can get his ass arrested. either way best wishes

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