ABCorner, Video and New Logo!

Hello diaper fans, today I’m going to need your help choosing a logo. I spoke with the head of ABCorner and he whipped up a logo for me, check it out and tell me what you think!

And here’s another one, just for fun 🙂

Let me know what you think, comment or E-mail. On another positive note I was checking out the ABKingdom Forums, and I found one of my old tutorials posted on the french google video. I’m glad its still around, enjoy!

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14 thoughts on “ABCorner, Video and New Logo!

  1. Long time reader here. I would have to say the best choice is the last of the four. Easy to read, nice graphic, and better than the rest.

  2. Wonderful video. Don't understand why some must interfere with other's lives. When you aren't hurting anyone, they should just go about their business and leave you alone. They don't have to watch or participate.

  3. #4 is nice, but I wish the diaper was easier to recognize. It is overshadowed a bit too much for my tastes by the lettering and the glow.

  4. nice diapers im in aus and i use tena maxi slip its goodbecause it holds alot of pee but im scared to wear in public because of people seeing it. 😦 but nice video!

  5. Hiya Riley;

    First off I want to give you big kudos for what you are doing,and a big thanks for sharing yourself to us all. I always enjoy reading and watching what you do. I tend to agree with the majority and think that #4 is a great logo. Keep up what you are doing and I look forward to seeing and reading more from ya:-) always diapered;ME!!!!!!!!!!!!randy

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