I’ve got more Links than Hyrule!



Myspace (i never thought i’d make one of these again…)


GoogleVideo -no longer allows uploads but has some of my videos on there, Bedwetting Pt.2 mostly 🙂

Fetlife – Great Site!

DiaperSpace – not a great site, but good chat room

UrNotAlone – Decent trans site, lots of subscription pestering

ClubSissy – Large community, mostly dating focused.


I’ve never been too much of a chatter/social networker online, but I wanted to spread my wings out a bit into different parts of the AB/DL, trans and fetish community. Also, don’t get bugged by the random age differences on the site, its just my way of keeping it vague 🙂

Also, I’ve decided to stick with the classic logo, except for special occasions or widely distributed pics. Thanks for the input!

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One thought on “plethora

  1. Hi Riley,
    I think Diaperspace has a lot more going for it than the other sites and offers great potential to be the tribal drum of the adult baby diaper lover community.

    It has places for blogs, a forum, you can share videos and audios too. It has a classified add section as well as a place to post information on upcomming events.

    I prefer this site to many of the other sites because it seem to have a membership of a group of open minded and diverse people.

    All people have to is join for free and use it.

    Stay Pampered


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