wtf is a jaggle

This site is talking about me, but babel fish wont give me any answers, just extremely rough definitions. They seem to be quite fascinated by my second frog and toad video, and it makes me realize that AB/DL people span the globe,and that other countries are just as open to their curiosity of it, and the media is just as open to exploitation for a few laughs/website hits.

As P.T. Barnum quipped, “any publicity is good publicity” – I agree, as long as it doesn’t get me killed.

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5 thoughts on “wtf is a jaggle

  1. My keen understanding of human geopolitics has led me to the conclusion that said site is Dutch. And when the Dutch are involved, it can't possibly be good.

  2. friend translated it that lives over there. “Anders trek je even een Bambino aan” translated means 'You could put on a bambino' according to him.

  3. Hey I'm dutch so can translate it for you. I think it is meant in a negative way, giving stupid people your link so they can have a laugh.
    It says: Otherwise you put on a bambino.
    Right, lets just say that I cannot sleep because of the heat.
    (like an excuse that he found your site)

  4. Hey Riley, DaddyDrew here. This is the best translation I can find. I matched up the words and they seem to fit. Im currentyl Learning dutch, so hopefully this helps.
    I think Spot, is the guys name maybe?

    Spot – Right, let we it it on hold that I cannot sleep through the heat.

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