hormones appointment!

Today’s a big day for me, at 2:45 I’m going in for what will hopefully be the doctors appointment where I get my Estradiol prescription. I have a clean bill of mental health from my therapist and am getting re-established with the doctor whom I originally saw when planning on starting hormones. This is a little quick post, more info on my history of transitioning and what the future holds after this appointment.

I’m really excited!!!

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15 thoughts on “hormones appointment!

  1. Wow Riley.. That is FANTASTIC news! I am so happy to see this post. How did the appointment go? I am anxious to see the next post with your history about transitioning and your thoughts on your future.

    I am very glad for you!

  2. Congratulations hun. Hope you don't suffer any side effects from the hormones (aside from what you desire :P)

    Remember that this community is here always regardless what happens although i am just as interested as everyone else to hear what happens so keep us in the loop.

    Congrats once again hun
    Love Andrew xx

  3. Congratulations Riley. I just got accepted for state health insurance, and am going to start to see a counselor. Hopefully soon enough i will be able to start on hormones as well. I know how exciting it can be.

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