1st dose & 2nd thoughts


I’m *officially* on hormones

I took my first dose yesterday, and another one today. It’s a day-by day process, and I think I might have read the side-effects thing too many times, every time I stand up and feel dizzy or if my tummy rumbles I think about the estrogen. But that’s just first week jitters, I’m going all the way with this and I’m sure everything will be fine.

Since my doctors appointment on Monday, I feel like a great weight has been lifted. I’ve been terribly happy, I have great confidence I can get through all the hurdles of life, happy and with my head held high. This video has one happy girl taking her first bit of estrogen, thanks for sharing this monumental event with me 🙂

5 thoughts on “1st dose & 2nd thoughts

  1. First dose taken without water! *giggles*

    If you were any more excited, I'd think your heart would explode.

    Thanks for sharing such a big event with us random internet people. It takes a lot of courage.

  2. yo its me brandon i talk to alot of people and the the hole beening a guy vs beening a girl is all 50% whitch is better but i think its ur choice what u want gender u want 2 be so ya.
    but any ya the guy is rite it does take guts to do what u did
    the do be scared of takeing pills with out water i do it all the time my grampa tought me how so if anyone saids ur crazy tell them i'm just me thats all.
    and a friend of mine saids this all the time “thats another one i can and 2 my list of insults i've been called” it pistes people off alot allthe time trust me on that. so good luck!!!

  3. The pills are pretty small, and I keep pretty hydrated, I can put alot bigger things down my throat 😛

    Don't know if you noticed, but it was really hot in that room, I have to turn off the fan and my ceiling fan to film, so it gets up to like 90 in my apartment, so sometimes you get a sweaty Riley, plus I was totally nervous and excited.

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