I guess this is a good post to mention this, but this blog isn’t going to be very polite. There’s no kids here, and if you’re underaged and reading this, well you might just be mature enough to handle it. Just make sure to close your eyes if you see anything fleshy…

Earlier today, I was checking out a chatroom on Susan’s Place for the first time to see if it was active or not. There were maybe 15 people total, 12 of which had tags. I came in and talked about my transition, didn’t post the blog or anything, and someone asked me if I was happy as a clam, and I replied yes, Im shitfaced happy. Long story short, I was banned for 2 minutes and when I returned, scolded. I’m under the impression that if you spend time in a chat room hanging out with a bunch of transgendered people, you’ve probably seen enough of the world to hear a “bad word”. Regardless… don’t expect to find any prissy-ness like that here.

Over the course of this blog, don’t be startled if you see…

-rough language-

-anti-government sentiments-
-self expression-

It’s all part of the fun of being a open minded person! I’m very polite when it’s appropriate, and things change and my rough edges might smooth out, but I’m always going to be me. So this is the disclaimer, I want to give the whole experience without censoring myself. This site isn’t going to be necessarily X rated, more like a hard R or a Kubrick NC-17.

To be honest, the only reason why I’m bringing this up, is because I have something somewhat graphic to report, and I didn’t want to just come out and say it. I’ve exhausted myself writing this, so look for tomorrows post, “Buckets”. Thanks for reading 🙂

One thought on “disclaimer

  1. Hello Riley,

    I discovered that I am an outsider both in the transgender community and the AB/DL community.

    Very few of the transgeder women understand that I voluntarily wear I diaper while their biggest fear is becoming incontinent as a side effect from SRS. For some TS women being a neo babygirl undermines my credibility as a true TS.

    You should read the story of Kathi at http://www.toddlertime.com who is a neo babygirl like myself.

    The AB/DL community very often considers me a girl fake altough I have changed my birth certifcate after SRS. Neo Babygirls are a minority under the more common group of sissies (AB crossdressers).

    You have chosen a difficult mine fied. I wish you the very best in creating more understanding for neo Babygirls in both the TS and the AB/DL community.

    Babygirl Kvetinka


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