I said in my last post I want to be frank about my experience… so here it goes.

I came buckets last night. I was at home watching Battlestar Galactica and of no fault of my own I got aroused. I hadn’t played with myself since the night before but I didn’t feel like making a big production of it. I fingered my bottom a little bit and used my hand, I don’t know if I hit my prostate just right but after about 5 minutes I came more than I have in my entire life. It wasn’t any more or less pleasurable than it ever has been, It was just a record-breaking amount. I was thinking it was just a fluke but since I’m a woman of science I decided to do a re-test this morning. It was much more intimate this time, with toys and Massive Attack and that thing where you get to the edge, then stop, edging I think it’s called. Even after all that it wasn’t as “impressive” as it was the night before, but I still came an unusual amount.

I’m assuming this is the hormones and though I’m eventually supposed to come less or not at all, maybe as they’re kicking in it they have a reverse effect. I’m not worried, in fact I think I might have some sort of advantage in the distance contest at a state fair or something, but I’m not sure if they have those kinds of contests anymore. Seriously though, I’m just becoming more and more aware that my body is going to go through changes if it hasn’t already, the first twist of a Rubik’s cube with the puzzle is complete.

5 thoughts on “buckets

  1. From what I understand; some people will actually cum *more* due to HRT as a result of a reduced sperm count and additional seminal fluid being produced by your body to give the sperm you DO have a fighting chance.

    For me, though; I had a reduction in quantity; but an increase in *quality* when I DID get myself off ❤

  2. Hormones react differently for everybody. Until just recently I have not known that hormones could cause some incontinence, which I found out just by researching more, just from viewing your blog. You are an inspiration for me Riley and I hope to get on the same boat as you are on. I wish the best for you Riley.

  3. you could take pics of your loads to chronicle how much you cum throughout your SRS – then post them on here so we can enjoy them too 😀

  4. Hope to hear an update soon, been a month. Read you other blog, but would like to hear about your hormone progress.

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