Planet Parenthood

As someone who lives in a metropolitan area, I’m lucky enough to have very easy access to a planned parenthood. I’ve been going since I was 18 getting tests regularly, I never do anything unsafe and am totally clean, it’s mostly just for peace of mind. Its basically free, I’ve used a fake name in the past, but my most recent times have been under my actual name, but they never check ID and they usually just ask for a unspecified amount for a donation where I tend to give 20 more or less.

Tests are free, results are free, the only thing that costs is outside testing, the kind I need to be approved for hormone therapy. Out of the 10 or so centers in my area, there’s only 1 doing transgender care with only 1 nurse practitioner qualified to see me. At my most recent appointment the assistant nurse was a very friendly, very welcoming and very gay young man who fawned over me with things like “omg I’m so glad that we have more transgendered people here I love what you’re doing and am very happy to have you as part of our family”. Apparently I’m the first person to give their transgendered services a spin. As an extra vote of confidence, when the nurse practioner came out her first words were “bear with me”.

I was given some information to fill out, the usual doctor stuff along with the more risque Planned Parenthood stuff about my sexual patterns, current partners, sexual assault history. I was also given a transgendered specific questionnaire that asked about how I identify myself, how I live, how long I’ve been doing this, and even some cross dresser/transgender clarifying questions. I was surprised about how personal it was, about who I’m attracted to and how I first realized I was trans. I felt as if whomever was going to see me had a pretty good idea of who I was, which usually makes me uncomfortable, but was very appropriate here.

She was well informed, the only “Dr” I’ve met that actually understands what I’m talking about when I talk about the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care or InHousePharmacy. She complimented my passability and seemed happy to see me. We talked about how the estrogen has been treating me, and where I plan to go with everything. I feel confident that I’m taking the right tests and precautions, and I’m surprised I got a high quality of care.

I’d like to go more into the finer details of my trips to planet parenthood, look for that soon. I wish I was witty enough to think of the title of this post on my own, but I have to credit that phrase to IG-88, that Dash Rendar blasting junk-bot. Fidelium and a bunch of other good noise comes from this label. – Planet Parenthood on IDMForums Collective

More stuff sooooooon, I promise!

4 thoughts on “Planet Parenthood

  1. Haha! IG-88. So funny! The nerdy references are never going to get old… Ever! I think I like you even more every time you make one of those references.

  2. Hello Riley,

    Planned parenthood centeres are a good choice for supervising HRT. I have myself been a patient of such kind of center for 5 years so far.

    Mine can do an estradiol test (E2) within a couple of hours as they have an own laboratory and two gynecologists.

    In the beginning I had two tests in order to adjust the dose. I am taking estradiol i.m. injections, which I usually get injected by my gynecologist (lady) or general practioner.

    Now I usally have control just once a year (E2 level).

    Once a year I also go to my local gynecologist for cancer preventive check up (breast + vagina).

    I really feel like a little girl at my planned parenthood center as there are many mothers waiting with little children. Sometimes they even played with me as I was dressed like a litte girl.

    My surgeons were experienced childeren´s urologists me being their oldest girl.


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