just the beginning

It’s starting to take effect! It’s been 57 days since my first day of HRT, and I’m definitely feeling some pretty significant differences. Here’s the wrap-up…

My breasts are totally starting to grow, I wear a bra pretty much 24/7, I’m not a stuffer and I’ve generally worn a 32A or 34A bra. It pushes up enough to make it look like I have breasts, but no one expects me to have anything substantial because I’m so rail-thin. Over the last 3 weeks my breasts have become suuuuper sensitive, I’ve had to learn that my chest isn’t a deflector shield anymore, no more gorilla impressions or chest bumps for this girl. They aren’t erotically sensitive in the least, they more just ache, and if my clumsiness comes out and I press them against something I let out a unfamiliar and high pitched “ouch”, its unique to me hurting my chest. I’ve been told to expect achy breasts for a while from my genetic girlfriends, and to use lotion to prvent strectching, which sounds like a fine idea. My new girl-parts may not feel great, but it definitely feels right.

Wearing a bra is pretty uncomfortable now, unfortunately I can’t pass without one. As I wrote that last sentence I remembered a Victoria’s Secret purple training bra (the one I wear in this video), it was one of the first pieces of girls clothes I owned. I was keeping for when my breasts started to grow, I just hadn’t gotten it out yet. I just put it on, and it feels really great. I always thought training bras were to get girls comfortable with wearing bras, but its definitely for support as well. I’m totally excited about this new development!

The other noticable difference I’ve felt is in my skin. Even within the first week I could tell that my skin was getting more sensitive to the sun, but now its just more sensitive and prone to tingly feelings, and just a tiny bit softer. It feels like everything’s changing from the outside in, and that I’m kinda enveloped in the change. I feel good and haven’t had the bits of dizziness I had in the first few weeks.

As I’ve said, no big changes yet, especially in the mental category. I’m taking the tests for my spiro on monday, and hopefully will get it within the week. Wish me luck, and look for more stuff soon.

I had my Dr. Appointment, I had nothing new to report, no big changes or anything, but she just wanted to see me to make sure I’m consistent. My main provider isn’t an expert or anything, so I made an appointment with Planned Parenthood. After speaking the doctor, I was given a pretty standard list of tests I need to do at the local diagnostics center, just some potassium levels/liver stuff, a quick poke in the arm that’s going to cost me more than I have at the moment, so I’m waiting for the moment on starting that. After the tests, I can get my script for 4$ a month at Wal-Mart, which is cool because I can get HRT therapy, buy socks, get my glasses fixed and lose faith in humanity all in the same place.

As soon as I an afford the tests, i’ll be good to go on the spiro, assuming i’m healthy enough, which i should be. Look for more stuff soon, and i’ll give a more accurate account of the appointment with planned parenthood.

fake plastic instruments

Hey there friends! My roommate just self-birthday presented one of those $249 Xbox 360s, and I just played Guitar Hero 5 last night, this post is almost entirely about that.

Its a pretty big improvement over the last one graphically, the people look like people, and it has that smooth frame blending that makes it look real. It’s also improved in frustration prevention, like being able to change your difficulty during a setlist and a party mode where players can drop in and out, but its pretty much just the same Guitar Hero stuff. I don’t know if i’m getting more feeble in my years or what, but it seems to be getting harder and harder as the series goes on and some of the songs are totally repetitive.

I’ve always been a bigger RockBand fan, and I’m really looking forward to RockBand Beatles. I would have considered that blasphemous when I was younger and more pretentious, but no i’m just excited, and it got the Paul McCartney seal of approval. What I do consider a little tasteless is in Guitar Hero 5 Kurt Cobain is a playable character, and seeing his effigy singing Jimmy Eat World’s ”the middle” can’t be unseen, it looks dead-on like him. He’s wearing a Hi! How Are You shirt, which validates it about halfway. Hopefully a whole new batch of people will explore Daniel Johnstons music, but its kinda clear in the whole of Kurt Cobain’s work that he doesn’t want to be a puppet, and they went and literally made him a puppet, he can sing any song in the game or downloadable content and i’m not looking forward to seeing him sing iCarly or Hannah Montana : (

Also, It’s not out until tomorrow, and I played it at a friends house who was struck by lightning and has been getting games early ever since. Below is my gamertag, add me as a friend if you’d like!


I don’t have Gold yet, but I’ve had this same profile for a while. I don’t have a headset or keypad, so email me if you want to say hello. You might see me on RockBand 2, or Call of Duty 4 or 5. There’s also Team Fortress on the Orange Box, i’ve had trouble finding games but I used to love TFC.

This is a nice little treat after the crazy month I’ve had, its starting to settle down so expect to hear more from me very soon. Hope all is well out there, much love!

p.s. check out this achievement… OVER 9000!

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