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Hey there friends and fans! Though the video explains most of the following, I felt like writing a bit… so here’s the video –

I recently purchased some Kotex Personals, a disposable panty made to add protection to pads and tampons. It isn’t really a diaper, it’s basically a Depend Pull-Up with no absorbent material. We’re talking like 1993 for this, and it seems like it wasn’t terribly popular, but pants had higher waists back then so it at least got a chance. The packaging is pretty retro as you can see… my camera’s been having issues, so sorry I don’t have good pics, I got this picture from Ebay where you can actually find a couple places to buy it. I also really like these Ebay pictures where folks just don’t bother photoshopping it, it kinda looks like a lifetouch portrait or a prom picture.

I know I’ll eventually get SRS, and I’m kinda glad I won’t have to deal with “all that”, I simply won’t have the parts that make that happen. I remember hearing somewhere “Enduring the pain of childbirth qualifies a woman as a mother”, and in that case, maybe the pain of menstruation i what qualifies someone as a woman.
This train of thought, clearly, is complete bullshit. 1st off, the “pain of motherhood” thing came from a mid-seventies book called ‘The Homosexual Agenda’ and was made as an example of why gays shouldn’t adopt. Secondly, I have friends that have been on birth control for so long they almost never had the experience of a period. I hear from my female friends fairly frequently that I’m lucky to not have to deal with “all that”, but SRS is going to be pretty intense, so maybe we even each other out.
I’ve always thought the reason why there seems to be less female diaper lovers than male is due to not being able to make the mental disconnect of diapers from “feminine hygiene products”. That sentence didn’t come across half as well as I wanted it to, but if I were to write a thesis on the matter it would go something like this “A key desire in Adult Baby/Diaper Lover lifestyle is losing control of genitalia related functions similar to what every genetic woman experiences with puberty” That’s probably why I don’t go to college, because I’d write thesis’s like that.
Maybe I’m missing out on a part of womanhood, but I’m not trying to be like other women, I’m trying to be myself and have my own unique experience, but I will always wish to have grown up as a girl. I guess that’s what my interest in regression is all about, I get to be the little girl I never got to be. I was a pretty unhappy child, I didn’t show it too much but I always felt heavy, sad, nervous, but when I regress I’m happy with the world. Granted, I’m a happy person outside of little-girl mode (not so much lately, but things always get better?), reliving bits of childhood as a little girl brings a feeling that is a little more special than your everyday happiness, the same kind of happiness I expect to feel from falling in love or accomplishing something of worth, two things that I’ve yet to do.
So lets go over some things…
Regression is good and healthy? Check.
Lucky to not have to deal with all the cramps and bloating and “all that”? Check.
Would I deal with it and more if it was part of the transition? Absolutely.
I’m starting to experience some of the negative “achey” things about being a girl, but its all worth it, I’m sure it’ll all be good in the end. Enjoy the video, thanks for reading!
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6 thoughts on “personal effects

  1. Riley,

    I disagree. I think that this sort of paper is *EXACTLY* why you *should* go to college. It'd be a fantastic study, or a good place to build a larger thesis on. Its probably something a tad embarassing to write, given that it directly deals with a fetish/alternate lifestyle, but at the same time it would also be more probable to break more ground. Breaking ground with a thesis is a very good thing.

    Heck…you should research, write it up, and submit it to a magazine, if nothing else. Its an interesting statement. I'd be interested in seeing how it could be developed.

    (who has been hitting his head against a wall all weekend working on a grad school paper)

  2. Yes I am a female ABDL and we seem to be far and few in between. My period can have some joy in it because I can wear big thick pads that feel similar to a diaper.

  3. It'd really depend on who the person reading it was. I think a college thesis wouldn't go over brilliantly, but writing to a magazine is definitely a good idea.

    It would shed light on some of the more taboo subjects, two of them in one go in fact.

  4. Im not sure if the history of such an old idea, as pain as principle of motherhood is, is adequately explained with a book from the seventies. I mean, of course it was used in that blimpish discourse, but the idea surely doesn't stem from there. Glorification of pain is a quite typical christian thougt (cp. the whole bible or just mel gibson's passion ;)). That doesnt mean that this is more correct, of course, quite the opposite in my opinion.
    And anyway, the whole idea is just stupid. I mean, why should sth like pain qualify you for anything? I dont get this connection at all; its just an physical expierence. Maybe what you DO with that expierence (e.g. hate your kid bc it gave you such much pain ;)) qualifies you. But then, why shouldnt someone else be able to gain access to that idea coming from a totally different experience.

    To put it like that: Why shouldnt you even be a better (<-whatever that means) girl, because you havent had the expierence of a period, but you are more than aware of exactly that matter of fact? I mean, you might even be able to generalise this: Why should a born girl be a better girl than a not-born one? (Excuse my bad english, I hope you have understood what I wanted to say)

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