This post is about on of the “secret” parts of womanhood, a part I’ll never experience and relatively sure I won’t miss. This post, we’re talking about menstruation.

I know I’ll eventually get SRS, and I’m kinda glad I won’t have to deal with “all that”, I simply won’t have the parts that make that happen. I remember hearing somewhere “Enduring the pain of childbirth qualifies a woman as a mother”, and in that case, maybe the pain of menstruation is what qualifies someone as a woman.

This train of thought, clearly, is complete bullshit. 1st off, the “pain of motherhood” thing came from a mid-seventies book called ‘The Homosexual Agenda’ and was made as an example of why gays shouldn’t adopt. I keep this book onthe back of my tiolet, a decidely masculine move, but I keep it there to remind me of the opposition and its blind madness, plus where the movement has come from there. Also a big chunk of the book is C.S. Lewis trying to get me to not masturbate or wear girl clothes. Secondly, I have friends that have been on birth control for so long they almost never had the experience of a period. I hear from my female friends fairly frequently that I’m lucky to not have to deal with “all that”, but SRS is going to be pretty intense, and i got tons of bloody noses after puberty, when I was small and sensitive and all the other boys started getting punchier… so maybe we even each other out?

I’ve always thought the reason why there seems to be less female diaper lovers than male is due to not being able to make the mental disconnect of diapers from “feminine hygiene products”. That sentence didn’t come across half as well as I wanted it to, but if I were to write a thesis on the matter it would go something like this “A key desire in Adult Baby/Diaper Lover lifestyle is losing control of genitalia related functions similar to what every genetic woman experiences post-puberty” That’s probably why I don’t go to college, because I’d write thesis’s like that.

Maybe I’m missing out on a part of womanhood, but I’m not trying to be like other women, I’m trying to be myself and have my own unique experience, but I will always wish to have grown up as a girl. I guess that’s what my interest in regression is all about, I get to be the little girl I never got to be. I was a pretty unhappy child, I didn’t show it too much but I always felt heavy, sad, nervous, but when I regress I’m happy with the world. Granted, I’m a happy person outside of little-girl mode (not so much lately, but things always get better?), reliving bits of childhood as a little girl brings a feeling that is a little more special than your everyday happiness, the same kind of happiness I expect to feel from falling in love or accomplishing something of worth, two things that I’ve yet to do.

So lets go over some things…

Regression is good and healthy? Check.

Lucky to not have to deal with all the cramps and bloating and “all that”? Check.

Would I deal with it and more if it was part of the transition? Absolutely.

I’m starting to experience some of the negative “achey” things about being a girl, but its all worth it. Enjoy the video, thanks for reading!

One thought on “real

  1. “A key desire in Adult Baby/Diaper Lover lifestyle is losing control of genitalia related functions similar to what every genetic woman experiences post-puberty”

    Okay so I think I have this correct, periods are not truly controllable, and this is similar to my desire to have no bladder control? For most women diapers remind them of pads because it's the same basic function. Pads are related to menstruation, and women don't like menstruation, and by association dislike diapers typically? My generic theory is the warmth and pressure exerted by the diaper onto a toddler (boy) or what have you causes erections, and can substitute or replace a neglective parent (which in todays society is all too common). In addition that makes changing sessions all the more special to the child and a desire to stay in diapers emerges. The only way to maintain diapers is to be incontinent. Therefore incontinence is desirable in addition to the diapers. This is a little fucked up, but I recall in pre-school during naptime I would find something to put in between my hands and my crotch and massage, I also recall another boy seeing me do this and began to copy me. I think at that point is what I can pinpoint as the first signs of my infatuation with diapers.

    Sorry for the second rant on your blogs in a day, I've never followed your srs blog that much simply because I never intended on going the same path as you, however I do have very stong desires to be a girl, and your blog seems to fill a huge gap in knowledge about that subject!

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