this blogosphere is founded on honesty

I was having a lot of trouble naming this post. I was going to call it “in ways you might not understand” or “cute girl talks about bedwetting”, but hopefully I can express the same feelings regardless. Anyway, here’s a post by model/actress Patty Yu.

She seems like a charming girl, a normal blogger person, lots of cute pics, swears, worldly and open minded. I’ve been big on thesis statemements lately, so here goes… The level of open communication found on the internet today redefines the standards of humility. Actually, I don’t really like that, it sounds a little uptight. Lets just say, since blog culture came around average people are less prude and more open about themselves online. That still doesn’t come across right, I’ll just go with my original one… Where the hell would you find this kind of content in 1998?

This is one of the many posts that gets passed around the AB/DL and “wet” scene, the wetset if you will. We like hearing about this kind of thing, its a mix of voyeurism, innocent curiosity and downright perversion. I used to get a lump in my throat , sweaty palms and other signs of nervous fascination whenever wetting of any kind came up, from “i’m going to pee my pants if you don’t pull over” to just casual mentions of wearing diapers for convenience like during Lord of the Rings or a road trip. I even had a friend from high school who was a horrible, horrible drunk, and she would wet the bed/floor/bathtub/stairs all the time. My friends would joke about it and give her a hard time, even talk about putting her in diapers, but they put her in rehab instead.

I felt a mental tug-of-war about my friend, and I’m going to have to explain myself through the only means I can, I would have trouble telling a stranger about this to their face, even if they asked nice. But i’m blogging, so yeah, like many of the people reading this, I’m”into” wetting either intentionally or unintentionally, I like wetting my panties and diapers and generally like media concerning that. You have to enjoy it to truly understand it, but luckily i think I’m preaching to the right choir. On the other hand, I like all that stuff in the privacy of my home, and do it safe, sane, sober and consensual. I rarely even wet diapers when i’m out just due to my horrible fear of leaking, even if i know i’m safe, especially at work. To your right is Ms. Yu’s self-proclaimed “I need to pee” look.

My friend didn’t like wetting herself, she did because she had a serious drinking problem. Totally not what i’m into, like handicapped folks, seniors or anyone else who doesn’t want to wear diapers but has to. It’s what I consider the depressing diaper stuff, the stuff you mentally block out, the difference between a package of Depends in your grandmothers bedroom (depressing) or the same package in my nursery (awesome). Yes, it’s like that, and we probably used the same coupon. I have become very experienced in blocking out that reality, I’ve cared for the elderly and it can really get you down, but you have to realize thet they are 2 very seperate things. On a positive note, all of the diaper changes i’ve done have been with people over drinking age, so at least I don’t have to block out the unpleasantness that parents do. Oh, and just to cover all basis, I think my overall love of diapers would improve if I had to care for a domesticated chimpanzee.

Regressing into incontinence or choosing to wear 24/7 to become reliant is a great way to express love of diapers and is totally OK in my book, might even be a dream of mine someday, I know it is of some of you out there. Another thing about my friend, she was a real person, flesh and blood to me, not a story or a model in a video or a random blogger. I like looking at pictures of girls wetting the bed because it falls in my AB/DL regression guidelines, but when its right in front of your face its not so glamorous. Unfortunately, most real-life stuff falls into the depressing category.

There is another category, I guess it would be the “silly” category, that includes times like this where girls wear diapers for silly reasons, Halloween/dares etc. I feel bad for the girls that get their pics reposted over and over, and the guys that try to contact them are generally awful representations of the AB/DL community and uber-creepy. But in the the end it is just silliness and it seems pretty harmless, as long as everyones legal and the word of the day, consensual.

The Verdict:

Ms. Yu’s post is silliness, but it also shows that blogging allows a new level of freedom of expression and as a result, free content, and we all like free content.

What have we learned?

People are getting more openminded, but only a small percentage of the world gets comfy happy love feelings when they think about wearing diapers, and to the rest it’s a worst case scenario. We diapered folks need to stick together, look good and work towards a positive image, and maybe someday…

There Will Be No Shame in Wearing a Diaper!

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2 thoughts on “this blogosphere is founded on honesty

  1. “The level of open communication found on the internet today redefines the standards of humility. ….[]Since blog culture came around average people are less prude and more open about themselves online. “

    I think your value statement needs a little tweaking there little one.
    You're right, the open communication is happening more with blogs, Tweets, Facebook, MySpace ect. But that communication comes not from just some magic water that is making people come out of their shell, its coming from anonymity and the strangely social stratificator and social organizer of The Internet.

    You little girl, are an example of this. Within this medium, you have the chance to express yourself and your experiences as both a purveyor of crinkly bottoms, and your tribulations in defining yourself and your journey to being the woman you knew that you were. But much like you wouldn't walk into work without pants, exposing your puffy butt to your employers, the internet offers you a level of anonymity from your “real life”. Even though you are transitioning, you don't reflect these thoughts in a wide public setting other than The Internet. Sure conversations of the merits of shaving ones naughty bits for a baby smooth feel might arise in a public forum, but you don't sit on a soap box and proclaim your thoughts about the Kotex panty-liners and their failure as a pullup to the daily shoppers at a mall. Though also because of this anonymity, you see people who harang others without fear of any reprisal.

    Because you are reflecting these thoughts, and albeit publically, its not something that puts you in direct face to face confrontation with people, and thus it creates a level of anonymity. You are a lot closer to not having this concept of anonymity, and putting more honesty into your blog and self. There are far more people out there who use it for anonymity than honesty. Part of the reason I read your posts is you are honest with yourself, which is greatly refreshing in a world where honesty is passé. But the fair truth is, its honesty at the cost of anonymity.

    Does that make sense?
    Its just my 3.5¢.

    Mr B.

  2. Right on! There will be no shame on my part for doing something that I love that causes others no harm! You just keep right on rockin' those diapers Riley!

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