grab that bucket

Look at this –

I found this instant sub at Target, if a sale item runs out they print an instant substitute for a similar item, so budgeting folks can still get sale items. This one I found to be a little interesting/brutal, they’re basically saying if Target’s out of Poise Pads, the kind that goes in panties for mild incontinence, you can still get the bed pads, which are the giant “puppy pads” that you sleep on in case you have a leaky diaper. That’s pretty bad, its like if they had a sale on tampons and they substituted them for shop towels. Anyway, just something I noticed, and something I could phone-post.

Check out, there’s some new stuff on there and look forward to a big post soon about my first hand experiences about my love/hate situation with Target…

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3 thoughts on “grab that bucket

  1. Haha! I work for Target. Thats actually the fault of a single individual not thinking. Employees can generate those “instant substitute” signs and put almost anything they want on them. Ideally they are supposed to think about what a good substitute would be. In this case it should have been another pad. Apparently they just look at the closest thing on the shelf.

    Embarassing teams member. Embarassing.

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