the how of the hormones

About 6 months ago I reconnected with an old friend, we went to Junior Prom together, and she was a stripper until she slipped off the stage and fell on a champagne glass, she works at Lowe’s now. I saw her chain-smoking and sucking down mimosas (at 11:00 AM, mind you) in front of a local café, so I stopped and chatted, she said her parents were paying for her therapist, a self described “glorified drug dealer”. She invited me to sit in on her session, which I declined at first, but after a mimosa or 2 I decided it might be interesting, plus I thought I might be able to convince/sucker him into signing off on my hormones. We goto the session, they chat for 5 minutes, and I get his card. I asked about the hormones, and he didn’t seem to have any clue but was open to hear what I had to say. I got his card and he said I seemed like a relatively sane person, which was a plus.

At this point in the process I had found a doctor that was able to give hormone prescriptions, had seen an Endocrinologist to get my bill of good health, and now just needed to convince my doctor I was good to go. Some life stuff happened, and I waited a month or so to contact the therapist, I had just started getting healthcare through my employer and was very excited to start the change. I called the therapist, and he told me that he would give me the go ahead if I came in for a session after talking to him like a person, not as a patient, for about 10 minutes. I felt very confident as a girl speaking with him, and he treated me as a girl, as opposed to as a transgirl like my previous therapist. Things were going very well.

In that week is when the death threat happened at Target, and I fell into a depression for a bit, mostly about potentially losing my healthcare. I couldn’t afford to see the therapist, and since my doctor already had my insurance stuff I hoped that my insurance still stayed, which it did. I went in, somewhat lied about seeing a therapist, and my somewhat clueless Dr. wrote me the prescription for Estrogen. I ran to the Rite-aid like little Charlie Bucket with his golden ticket, and made an appointment to see her in a month. I came in for that appointment, I felt fine and nothing changed, so it was a quick in and out. I haven’t seen her since. Planned Parenthood in my town is where I plan to get my hormones from now on, I’ve been hoping to get Spiro, but can’t afford the tests at the moment, I currently am without insurance and jobless and don’t really know when I’ll have insurance again, thank god for Planned Parenthood, right?

So this is the WHOLE story of my hormones, I don’t really know where I’m going to go from here, I have another 8 months of Estrogen, and will probably ramp up the dosage before then. I really have no idea what the right thing to do is, so I’m putting a lot of faith in these doctors, lets hope everything works out!

2 thoughts on “the how of the hormones

  1. Where I'm from (eastern Kentucky…) You can buy Estrogen at Dollar General for like $5.50, no perscription, or anything. Not that, that is really useful information, just f.y.i. stuff.

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