We are all stars in the ABUniverse

Hey there diapered friends! I just got my mitts on the new SuperDryKids Diaper by ABUniverse, and I made a video!

This diaper is awesome. When I was young, I was always selfishly afraid of a cure for incontinence, because I thought they would eventually just stop making adult diapers. Luckily, we live in a Supply/Demand society, and there’s enough folks out there to practically market AB/DL diapers… which is AWESOME, and a reason to not feel so damn lonely all the time.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think Bambino was the first company to start making AB/DL diapers, but ABUniverse is also an innovator in the field, more focused on producing replicas of Baby Diapers in adult sizes as opposed to making a brand new diaper. Bambino offers its diapers in 4 sizes, Small to X-Large, as opposed to just the Medium and Large that ABUniverse diapers, but I think most people will just stick with the medium or large of Bambino anyway, I’m tiny and the small is a litle tight, not too tight, I just prefer the mediums. It’s nice that Bambino has those though, and I’m sure ABUniverse will *eventually* open up its size chart. Both Bambino and ABUniverse sell boosters, neither of which I’ve tried but I’ve heard the ABUniverse super-thick pads are pretty awesome, and they have the “feel and learn” feature to them so they feel more like cloth. The price of both diapers are comparable as well, and if you’ve tried both of these diapers please comment, I’d love to hear from fellow diaper adventurers 🙂

Both of these diapers are really awesome, and I can’t wait to try more of the Super-Dry-Kids and make an ultimate decision on whats the best AB/DL diaper. I have seen some posts online about shipping issues, but I’ve never heard anything from friends that order from them all the time, let me know if there’s any truth to that and for now they’re in the green. If you buy some through my recommendation, let them know, I wouldn’t promote something I don’t think is awesome, no matter how many free diapers I could end up with. Enjoy the video, and try them out, they get the Riley seal of approval!

10 thoughts on “We are all stars in the ABUniverse

  1. Actually a company called Classy Comfort came out with a printed diaper about a year before Bambinos hit the market. They were very expensive, and not all that comfortable. You can still get them if you google it.

  2. Yeah, I love these diapers. They are great. Like you said in your video, I didn't think much of the one tape until I got one on and feel in love with them.

    I have tried Bambinos and both ABU diapers, the super dry kids and overnights. Out of the three I would say Bambino is a little nicer but not much more than the sdks, I love the crinkles. But the sdks make you feel more babyish. And the mega-booster kick butt. They absorb more than you could imagine, they turn the sdks into a very reliable 24 hour diaper. And they are enormous, you have to cut them down or fold them to get them to fit into a diaper.

    But I have had shipping problems in the past with Bambino. It wasn't their fault, UPS screwed up, but Bambino sure didn't care about helping me. Even calling me at work to tell me that they wouldn't give me a refund. I had to go to paypal to get my money back. After that I stopped doing business with Bambino, and found ABU and have been buying regularly from them for the last 9 months or so with no shipping problems yet.

  3. Super Dry Kids vs Bambinos
    I love both diapers but prefer Bambinos. The Bambinos seem to be sturdier and more absorbent, which both are really helpful. I love their diapers and boosters. The super dry kids I tried on a whim since I did not trust the one tape, but worked out pretty well once I got used to it. Still, to me, the Bambino's are higher quality.

    I have never had trouble with Bambino, but I have had shipping issues with ABU and most likely will never deal with them again…at least not for a while.

    Stay young

  4. I have had bambinos, I am going to order some of these super dry kids as soon as Christmas is over, I cant wait to try them. I have a sleeper just like yours, I bought mine at goodwill though. Nice to see you can update the blog again. Take care and have a nice holiday.


  5. Nice entry and thanks for the info.
    I am going to have to try those. I have Bambinos but to be honest I don't like the thick plastic reinforcement on the front.

  6. Hi,

    The best cure against leaking diapers for sissies &co is SRS. Now I have akmost no leaking while sleeping.

    Babygirl Kvetinka

  7. Thanks for all the input, I have yet to try Classy Comfort and Dry 24/7 but will eventually I'm sure. As for the shipping issues, I'm sure that the more popular they get, the more consistent they'll be, and if not, the community as a whole will reject them… gotta love the blogosphere 🙂

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