Hood life

Couple quick things…

1.) I have enough diapers to last me until the end of the year, but not to the end of the Chinese year. I need to get back on craigslist and hunt down some diapers, I didn’t get any for christmas, but i’m a big girl, I can take care of myself and I think this christmas was tough for everybody. Also, fuck christmas, at least the gift giving Wal-Mart part of it.

2.) The doggy in the christmas card picture is Yin, a good friend of mine’s albino mutt.¬†He’s such a little guy, hes just so cute cuddly and very social, its hard to be around something so cute so often. Here’s another pic, as requested ūüôā

I still haven’t seen Avatar in 3-d yet, but I did see the Robin Hood trailer… It’s obvious that the big hollywood part of the film industry is supply/demand, but is anyone out there really clammering for a new Robin Hood or Sherlock Holmes movie, Holmes might be ok and I guess it might promote people to go out and read the originals, but have you ever heard anyone say “oh man, they should totally make a Sherlock Holmes movie!” Also, there’s been 4 great Robin Hood movies so far…

The Adventures of Robin Hood¬†(1938) –¬†Great for Errol Flynn’s pure awesomeness
Robin Hood (1973) РBig favorite when I was a little little one, classic disney, and the best song ever!
Robin Hood¬†(1991) – ¬†Not “great” but still highly enjoyable with a great cast, and Christian Slater.
Robin Hood: Men In Tights (1993) Young Dave Chapelle, mid-career Cary Elwes, Mel Brooks, good gag-a-minute spoof.

No more Robin Hood, we know what’s going on with him already. Make a Robin Hood where a guy takes down Nike with a bow and arrow and I’ll be first in line, until then, just leave us alone with your Robin Hoodery.

More stuff soon, this was just a rant post, my next post is going to be all about my room and how cute it’s become ūüôā

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the morning after feel

Hey there! I was just so stuffed on turkey that I couldn’t force myself to post last night, so here’s my late christmas card ūüėõ

I woke up all cutesy on christmas morning, I put bows in my hair before I went to bed and put on my last Bambino, and even put some stickers on it to cute it up. It felt nice waking up, no tree, no presents, none of the usual noise that comes with christmas cheer, I was just happy to be little diapered girl, that was my christmas present ūüôā

I went and saw Avatar with my mom and my aunt, I’ll post a review if I see it in 3D, I saw it on film in a pretty small theatre so didn’t get the “full experience”. It was pretty good though, hit the right heartstrings at points, I guess I just like Ewoks better. After the movie we had turkey, just the 3 of us, my brothers doing the¬†Christmas¬†thing with his wifes big happy family so it was a low-key christmas, one of the first times I kinda realized my brother isn’t going to be around forever, we’re good friends and Xbox Live is cool, but theres something about toasting champagne glasses together that doesn’t work over a headset.

I hope everyone had a great day yesterday, and the season is just colder, but all the holiday hell has lifted from the world, no more retirees with cheetoh stained-suits in front of everywhere, the stores are no longer like shoulder to shoulder packed clubs, and the best, no more christmas music! I laid down to rest last night feeling super stuffed, went to bed in a very soggy diaper feeling all tuckered out ūüôā

More stuff soon, hope you had a happy day!

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I’ll write more tonight, but I hope you woke up feeling happy and young today. I took some cutesy pics with my friends doggie last night, after all the festivities I curled up on my couch and dozed off to home alone. If you watch a christmas movie today, watch Gremlins¬†or¬†Die Hard ūüôā

seeya soon, happy day

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Hey there diapered friends! It’s Christmas eve, its chilly outside but I’m all cuddled in my pampers and cute little skirt and sockies. I’m going to my friends “Margarita Xmas Eve”, then seeing Avatar with my Mom tommorrow morning. I got a little christmas happiness by way of shadiness today, about 3 months ago I broke my glasses on a flight to Cincinatti, and they’ve been all messed up and taped together, making me look pretty foolish. As a christmas gift to myself, I scrape together my rainy day fund and goto lenscrafters to get new frames. We search all over for them, and we finally find them, but they carry a 169$ price tag, just for the frames. I was hoping they’d be cheaper, and didn’t have enough to get them… I was really bummed out, knowing that I’d have to suffer with these headache causing bastards until I could afford that ridiculous price.

The girl who was helping me, we were chatting quite a bit while looking for them and we got along pretty well, when I told her I couldn’t afford them, I could tell she felt bad but I was¬†surprised¬†when she took me aside and told me that she would just buy them with her employee discount, and then put my lenses in on her break. I’m cautious, questioning the legality of it, she’s young and tells me that her mom just recently died and shes taking care of her 2 little sisters for their first christmas without a mom. She tells me to meet her at the starbucks in 10, I stand there outside looking scandolous, like i’m in a Lou Reed song. She taps me on the shoulder, we sit down and I can see her hands shaking like shes got the fear of god in her while she puts my lenses in. I hand her 80$ cash under the table, thank her, and we go out seperate ways.¬†I don’t know if she pocketed them, or actually used her discount, all I know is I probably bought a barbie or 2 for a family thats just trying to get by, and thats what the seasons about… right? I also think that being diapered gives me just the overall¬†pleasantness¬†feeling that other people pick up on, they can just tell that I’m a nice person ūüôā

The main thing I wanted to say in this post, is I’ve set a before new years resolution to answer allllll my emails by 2010, so if you’ve sent me an email at protectionblog at gmail over the past few years, I’ll get to it. If you’ve sent a message to another email address or to my facebook/youtube, I’ve probably lost it, I’m doing some major re-organizing. I hope everyones having a happy day, and make sure to leave some molicares out for santa, I heard he likes them the best ūüôā

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age gracefully

Well that went better than I though it would! I still have sand in my shoes from Joshua tree, whenever we’d goto¬†Scottsdale¬†when I was younger, we’d always goto either Joshua tree or White Sands, 2 very beautiful places. The car ride was good, we’ve all grown up a bit, my close family and I, and so it was rather pleasent. My brother and I can talk about video games for an immeasurable amount of time, and we all agreed on listening to a bunch of the¬†Beatles¬†re-masters, Tom Petty and we even got my mom to listen to a Massive Attack album. We pretty much just got to the hotel room, cleaned up my great-grandmothers¬†place, signed some paper work, and that was it. We actually took her to the home, and then visited the next morning, and she seemed happy if not lucid. There is nothing about this trip that depressed me, elderly people can really be peaceful and inspiring, not just drooling punch-lines we see on TV.

My brother and I went to a pretty seedy¬†Mexican¬†bar, talked about married life, played some pinball, ate¬†some¬†nachos, ordered Angels and Demons on the Motel TV. I discretely diapered myself before I slept on my single bed in a 2 bed suite, he knows I wear diapers, but as with anyone, and especially with my own brother, I’m not going to be just in a diaper. Its just not as cute to normal people as it is to us, they’re totally mussing out! We met up with our mom and headed out the next morning, scarfed Jack in The Box french toast and made the long trek back. The first thing I did when I was home, all by myself in my apartment? I get all my layers off, put on a big didee and a little play dress with my fuzzy socks, and pass-out on the couch. I literally passed out, I started looking for something to watch on nextflix all cuddled up, and I fell asleep before I could choose something. I just woke up to my roomate saying “wake up Riley, I wanna play modern warfare 2…”

So it’s early, not late anymore, and I’ll bid you¬†adieu¬†for now, my¬†close¬†family is getting together on¬†Christmas¬†day, so that should be good, I think we’re seeing Avatar. We don’t do gifts, my brother, mom, and I, we usually just all go see a movie and pay for each others tickets : )

More stuff soooooon!

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this is a long drive for someone with tons to think about

I’m heading to Scottsdale Arizona for the next 2 days, in a car with my mom, brother and aunt. I’m still a girl, of course, just not trying extra hard to be pretty, family down there we’re visiting most likely won’t remember me anyway. We’re putting my great grandmother into a home, she needs it and is happy to go. Long story, it’s for the better and she’s not terribly active to begin with, and she has friends there. I’ll be stuck in a car with family but it should be fine. I’m going to be wearing, but¬†definitely¬†not wetting diapers, at least for the car trip. It’s really early and I need little frosted donuts, this was kinda sprung on me.


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pity the footube

As ya probably noticed, my youtube got shut down again, this time for good. So if you were freinds with me on there, you can add me again at¬†http://www.youtube.com/user/RileyDia¬†. I’m going to stop so actively using the youtubes, its becoming more and more of a wasteland everyday. It still is the least restrictive site when it comes to file size and is¬†definitely¬†the most popular video site, but I’m going to stop using that as a means to draw people to this site, they’ll find it if they really want to. I still have a bunch of my old videos, but this gives me a chance to start over and review some diapers I have in the past with a fresh new look, now that I’m an older, wiser little girl ūüôā

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End of Days

1st off, remember that movie End of Days? In the¬†beginning¬†Arnold¬†Schwarzenegger puts whiskey and pizza and antacids and all this gross stuff into a blender and drinks it for breakfast… that was the only good part of that movie as far as I remember.

2nd off, I’m not stopping the 24/7 thing, or anything like that, I just want to stop starting all my posts with a “Day 34” or “Day 1,087” or whatever. If you want to figure out how long¬†I’ve¬†been in diapers, just count from Dec. 4th, hormones would be from July 15th. I was thinking of doing it backwards, pretend to be avant garde like Chuck Palahniuk by starting at Day 365 and counting down, do a “year in diapers” thing, but why be so bound to the¬†calender¬†like that, I’ts not like I’m going to level-up and be able to wear power diapers or magically become incontinent and I’m¬†definitely¬†not going to stop wearing diapers after a year… I’m not Morgan Spurlock.

I didn’t really do much the last couple days, did a couple job interviews, I was in didees the whole time, its starting to feel so routine. One thing I was afraid of when starting this was just boring you with the day ins and outs, but my life is somewhat interesting, and even if something cool doesn’t happen, I can still use this as a platform to share and express anything I want.¬†I also need to focus more on my other blog, LetsGetSRS.blogspot.com and the blog on MistressTrainsHerSissy.com, Penny posts great content on there all the time and I need to be more active, its a really fun blog.

Until further notice, I will be diapered, and I’ll mark anniversaries, and talk about anything that comes to mind in my diapered life, and all sorts of bloggy stuff. It’s been a whole 2 weeks, and life is still very lovely,¬†Christmas¬†has its iron fist grasping everyones hearts and minds, and I might even be getting a little into the spirit myself. Thanks for reading and stay diapered, I will be ¬†ūüôā

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Day 12: Let’s not be rash

My biggest fear since I started wearing diapers is the dreaded diaper rash. When I was younger I never really got any, especially because I was careful and I barely wore them enough to actually get a rash. When I first started, I was more likely to wet a pair of my underwear and then jump into the shower. Eventually I became brave enough to wear panties, I would wet those whenever I could, in secret of course, and I over time built up the courage to get diapers, but for quite some time I never even wet in them. The past times i’ve started going 247 one of the main things that made me give up my diapers was rashes. I’d like to share with you some of the tactics I use to keep myself rash free for the last week two weeks are so. ¬†

Baby Powder, Baby Powder, Baby Powder!  
Baby powder is cheap, somewhat natural, great smelling, and a necessary part of any adult baby diaper bag or nursery. At every change, even if I don’t think I’m going to wet, I use tons of baby powder. It’s good for your skin and keeps you from sweating, which can happen in any weather, especially if you’re wearing plastic backed diapers or thick plastic panties. The main reason I always use it is because I just love it, I am brave about smelling like it and I really just love the feeling of baby powder. I generally use the kind that uses aloe and vitamin E, which we usually get from the sun so unless you’re a nudist or a flasher, might wanna check that out. Another trick I do, is if I’ve been in a wet didee for a while, and wet it again, I’ll just put more powder in the front and the back. The other main reason why powder rocks, is even though it can be trouble when wearing black, it’s much easier to apply in discrete situations than cremes and you don’t have to spend 5 minutes washing petroleum off of your hands and have that nursing home smell. Lots of girls wear baby powder deodorant and lots of guys use talc to keep from sweating, even outside of diapers. ¬†

As you know I’ve been wearing these cheapo American Tena’s in small they really last only two wettings at the most, but they’re comfy cotton and have tapes and kinda feel like modern baby diapers. It’s funny, I google image searched “Tena Small Briefs” and this is one of the first results –¬†*Pic is Down*

Not the best pic of me, just a random screen cap from a you tube video, its funny how stuff gets around… Maybe five months ago I found someone on craig’s list selling a ton of them, I purchased maybe 12 packs for 30$ or something crazy like that. I go through 3 or 4 of these a day, and I only have 3 packs left of those. The positive side is this means constant diaper changes and constant re-powdering and a fresh dry diaper on my bottom more often then a soggy one. The downside is that I’m making tons of waste and I’ll need to buy more didees soon. ¬†

All I Need Is The Air That I Breathe
Air is one of the best things that you can put on your skin especially if it’s covered up all the time by a bulky nappy. Diaper changes area good chance to air out, but thats not enough, I always make sure to spend at least an hour a day out of didees! ¬†

In the Bath  
Though I’m not a total hippie about it, but in the bath I generally use all natural products, Dr. Bronner’s is a really good value and is great at cleaning, doesn’t leave residue and its made to be diluted. I also really like the Huggies Lavender Body Wash and Shampoo, I’ve started using that instead of bronners, but thats just me getting more baby-ish I guess ūüôā I don’t really like Baby Oil or anything that feels like it stays with you after a shower. When I bathe it’s generally preparation for what lotions I’m going to put on afterwards, more of a cleanse. I usually let myself air out for awhile and then get all lotioned up, I’ll tell you more about what I use in the future. As for my diaper area, if i’m not going to wear my next diaper for long I’ll just generally powder up and be on my way. If I’m getting into a bulkier diaper I generally use a diaper rash cream, I prefer A+D for extended stays or Desitin Creamy, just don’t get Max Strength Desitin, it smells like fishies.

If I’m in a very soggy diaper and I need a change, I generally start with patting myself down with a hand towel, they’re small and easy to wash, everyone 24/7 should have a bunch. You can get really soft ones cheap, they’re good for one or 2 changes usually, just make sure to wash them with sensitive detergents. I occasionally use baby wipes, but it seems that every time I use them it makes things worse, maybe its the alcohol, but I’ve even used the sensitive-care huggies kind, which I would guess would be the best, I’m just afraid to use them. The ones specifically for incontinence don’t seem to work as well either, I just need to expirament more with different brands and using them even if i’m afraid of a rash, be a brave girl, take that chance!

I’ll be talking more about this as more diapered days pass, it’s been almost 2 weeks and I’m doing good, skins healthy, lets keep it that way ūüôā
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Day 11: love gone cold

Day 11 of being 24/7

Wow, I slept ALLLL day yesterday, cleaned the house, ran errands, just wore diapers all day, nothing exciting happened, wore about 5 tenas ūüėõ Today I woke up at 7 or so, I’m an early riser, theres something in me that makes me wake up at 7 or 8 every morning. When I wake I do this stretch with my feet while laying down where I push out the heels and arch back the toes to relieve stress in the calf muscle. It was so satisfying that I wet my diapers right there, I was lying on my back and I didn’t leak, and the comfy-ness of the wet cloth made me feel all smiley and happy, I fell right back asleep. I woke up around 10 in a still warm cloth didee, it was nice ūüôā My ex-boyfriend, the Dr.,¬†the one person I’ve ever given the boyfriend title to (in public I was generally introduced as his daughter)¬†He used to call me his little furnace, I guess I emit alot of heat, enough to keep a wet diaper warm or the fires of contempt burning from a long-dead relationship.

Sorry, I ran into him tonight at a local film scene mixer, I pretty much just avoid him, he says how good I look and I give him a hug, he sneaks a kiss, and thats it, we return to our separate schmoozes. I didn’t dress terribly cute tonight, I was tired and all the faces are familiar, half the room knows me from when I was doing the Tower records training videos, aka – ‘back in the day’. I wore a Tranquility ATN Small under a pink polo and a black and pink skirt, flats, some blush and eye shadow and a tiny bit of gloss. I was going to leave and meet some friends from the trip at a hookah bar, but my ex handed me a glass of champagne and asked if I wanted to join him outside for one of his imported cigarettes. He knows I don’t really drink or smoke anymore, but I’ve been going to the mixer for 8 years, and cuddling up at night with him for 5 of them, its easy to break rules with old friends.

We went out onto the balcony of the Sheraton, it was windy and cold and the pool was covered and furniture stacked. We talked, or rather, he talked, as it often ended up, he always had something to say to either argue or trump whatever you said. I started feeling lightheaded from the cigarette, and I got a little closer to him, for warmth… right? I didn’t know what I was doing, but I am a pretty lonely girl, and he was my only one, my mentor, my friend and confidante. I really loved him, but I know we’ll never be together again, I just wanted to be close to him again for a minute, that old familiar sting. Things got quiet and I put my head on his chest, his hand found itself on the small of my back, moving me a little closer. His hold moved a little further down, I was looking in his eyes and could tell the exact moment when he realized I was diapered, one of the points of contention in our relationship. We exchange looks, first his excitement to have his arms around his girl again, then a look of disdain over feeling a plastic diaper instead of a little pair of panties, my look changed to a cute/embarrassed¬†“well, you know I wear diapers” look, which illicited this response…

“To be honest, I thought you would have grown out of that by now”

I squeeze him hard for just a moment, the kind of hugs we used to give each other, and then I look him in the eyes and say with every ounce of dissapointment in my body, “oh Graham…” He knows I’m sensitive about my diapers and can be nervous wearing them around him, and I feel extra bad if he talks down to me about them, because he just thinks they’re gross and it makes me feel like a pervert. Our relationship ended for a rich tapestry of reasons, not just diapers, it’s a long story scattered throughout the posts of this blog, a coming of age story of young love and the things that happen in the dark of movie theatres. It hurts when someone tells you they love you unconditionally then throw you out on the street, when someone ::takes advantage:: of your heart, not just breaks it.

Back at the mixer, I toss out my champagne into a bush and walk back inside, leaving him to finish his cigarette, alone and cold without all those shiny happy people to tell him how great he is, then call him a pedo and a bore behind his back. I’ve always wanted to keep it real, be honest with myself and others and never make compromises, but with him I always felt like his meaning of life, it wasn’t growing and learning for him, it was about amassing control, power, but deep down he’s as afraid as the rest of us, maybe even more. I’ve been to the mountains and to the big city all in a couple days, the mountains don’t need lights or makeup, and its harder to get your heart broken… but the city is where I live, lose and love and where I shall remain, until California falls into the ocean.