Day 12: Let’s not be rash

My biggest fear since I started wearing diapers is the dreaded diaper rash. When I was younger I never really got any, especially because I was careful and I barely wore them enough to actually get a rash. When I first started, I was more likely to wet a pair of my underwear and then jump into the shower. Eventually I became brave enough to wear panties, I would wet those whenever I could, in secret of course, and I over time built up the courage to get diapers, but for quite some time I never even wet in them. The past times i’ve started going 247 one of the main things that made me give up my diapers was rashes. I’d like to share with you some of the tactics I use to keep myself rash free for the last week two weeks are so.  

Baby Powder, Baby Powder, Baby Powder!  
Baby powder is cheap, somewhat natural, great smelling, and a necessary part of any adult baby diaper bag or nursery. At every change, even if I don’t think I’m going to wet, I use tons of baby powder. It’s good for your skin and keeps you from sweating, which can happen in any weather, especially if you’re wearing plastic backed diapers or thick plastic panties. The main reason I always use it is because I just love it, I am brave about smelling like it and I really just love the feeling of baby powder. I generally use the kind that uses aloe and vitamin E, which we usually get from the sun so unless you’re a nudist or a flasher, might wanna check that out. Another trick I do, is if I’ve been in a wet didee for a while, and wet it again, I’ll just put more powder in the front and the back. The other main reason why powder rocks, is even though it can be trouble when wearing black, it’s much easier to apply in discrete situations than cremes and you don’t have to spend 5 minutes washing petroleum off of your hands and have that nursing home smell. Lots of girls wear baby powder deodorant and lots of guys use talc to keep from sweating, even outside of diapers.  

As you know I’ve been wearing these cheapo American Tena’s in small they really last only two wettings at the most, but they’re comfy cotton and have tapes and kinda feel like modern baby diapers. It’s funny, I google image searched “Tena Small Briefs” and this is one of the first results – *Pic is Down*

Not the best pic of me, just a random screen cap from a you tube video, its funny how stuff gets around… Maybe five months ago I found someone on craig’s list selling a ton of them, I purchased maybe 12 packs for 30$ or something crazy like that. I go through 3 or 4 of these a day, and I only have 3 packs left of those. The positive side is this means constant diaper changes and constant re-powdering and a fresh dry diaper on my bottom more often then a soggy one. The downside is that I’m making tons of waste and I’ll need to buy more didees soon.  

All I Need Is The Air That I Breathe
Air is one of the best things that you can put on your skin especially if it’s covered up all the time by a bulky nappy. Diaper changes area good chance to air out, but thats not enough, I always make sure to spend at least an hour a day out of didees!  

In the Bath  
Though I’m not a total hippie about it, but in the bath I generally use all natural products, Dr. Bronner’s is a really good value and is great at cleaning, doesn’t leave residue and its made to be diluted. I also really like the Huggies Lavender Body Wash and Shampoo, I’ve started using that instead of bronners, but thats just me getting more baby-ish I guess 🙂 I don’t really like Baby Oil or anything that feels like it stays with you after a shower. When I bathe it’s generally preparation for what lotions I’m going to put on afterwards, more of a cleanse. I usually let myself air out for awhile and then get all lotioned up, I’ll tell you more about what I use in the future. As for my diaper area, if i’m not going to wear my next diaper for long I’ll just generally powder up and be on my way. If I’m getting into a bulkier diaper I generally use a diaper rash cream, I prefer A+D for extended stays or Desitin Creamy, just don’t get Max Strength Desitin, it smells like fishies.

If I’m in a very soggy diaper and I need a change, I generally start with patting myself down with a hand towel, they’re small and easy to wash, everyone 24/7 should have a bunch. You can get really soft ones cheap, they’re good for one or 2 changes usually, just make sure to wash them with sensitive detergents. I occasionally use baby wipes, but it seems that every time I use them it makes things worse, maybe its the alcohol, but I’ve even used the sensitive-care huggies kind, which I would guess would be the best, I’m just afraid to use them. The ones specifically for incontinence don’t seem to work as well either, I just need to expirament more with different brands and using them even if i’m afraid of a rash, be a brave girl, take that chance!

I’ll be talking more about this as more diapered days pass, it’s been almost 2 weeks and I’m doing good, skins healthy, lets keep it that way 🙂
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