End of Days

1st off, remember that movie End of Days? In the beginning Arnold Schwarzenegger puts whiskey and pizza and antacids and all this gross stuff into a blender and drinks it for breakfast… that was the only good part of that movie as far as I remember.

2nd off, I’m not stopping the 24/7 thing, or anything like that, I just want to stop starting all my posts with a “Day 34” or “Day 1,087” or whatever. If you want to figure out how long I’ve been in diapers, just count from Dec. 4th, hormones would be from July 15th. I was thinking of doing it backwards, pretend to be avant garde like Chuck Palahniuk by starting at Day 365 and counting down, do a “year in diapers” thing, but why be so bound to the calender like that, I’ts not like I’m going to level-up and be able to wear power diapers or magically become incontinent and I’m definitely not going to stop wearing diapers after a year… I’m not Morgan Spurlock.

I didn’t really do much the last couple days, did a couple job interviews, I was in didees the whole time, its starting to feel so routine. One thing I was afraid of when starting this was just boring you with the day ins and outs, but my life is somewhat interesting, and even if something cool doesn’t happen, I can still use this as a platform to share and express anything I want. I also need to focus more on my other blog, LetsGetSRS.blogspot.com and the blog on MistressTrainsHerSissy.com, Penny posts great content on there all the time and I need to be more active, its a really fun blog.

Until further notice, I will be diapered, and I’ll mark anniversaries, and talk about anything that comes to mind in my diapered life, and all sorts of bloggy stuff. It’s been a whole 2 weeks, and life is still very lovely, Christmas has its iron fist grasping everyones hearts and minds, and I might even be getting a little into the spirit myself. Thanks for reading and stay diapered, I will be  🙂

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3 thoughts on “End of Days

  1. I just started out just wearing diapers 24/7 and not wetting them very often for about a year to year and 1/2 then I decided 4 years ago on jan. 1 I would use them 24/7 and considered my self incontinent. Yes it has become routine but I love it and would never go back. I am definitely not potty trained any more for number 1. Most of the time I dont even realize that I am wetting my self. Its great! keep it up!

  2. No, that's definitely not the best part – the best part is where he starts yelling at people that he wants to talk to them about Thomas Aquinas.

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