pity the footube

As ya probably noticed, my youtube got shut down again, this time for good. So if you were freinds with me on there, you can add me again at http://www.youtube.com/user/RileyDia . I’m going to stop so actively using the youtubes, its becoming more and more of a wasteland everyday. It still is the least restrictive site when it comes to file size and is definitely the most popular video site, but I’m going to stop using that as a means to draw people to this site, they’ll find it if they really want to. I still have a bunch of my old videos, but this gives me a chance to start over and review some diapers I have in the past with a fresh new look, now that I’m an older, wiser little girl 🙂

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2 thoughts on “pity the footube

  1. Hey love your videos to bad youtube is deleting them all the time 😦
    do you still use your xtube? I tryed adding you but has not got any respons

    Love Asuka

  2. it a shame about youtube again but i thought you was on dprtube and if it not you why dont you use that? there prity good now thay have had an update i guess

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