the morning after feel

Hey there! I was just so stuffed on turkey that I couldn’t force myself to post last night, so here’s my late christmas card 😛

I woke up all cutesy on christmas morning, I put bows in my hair before I went to bed and put on my last Bambino, and even put some stickers on it to cute it up. It felt nice waking up, no tree, no presents, none of the usual noise that comes with christmas cheer, I was just happy to be little diapered girl, that was my christmas present 🙂

I went and saw Avatar with my mom and my aunt, I’ll post a review if I see it in 3D, I saw it on film in a pretty small theatre so didn’t get the “full experience”. It was pretty good though, hit the right heartstrings at points, I guess I just like Ewoks better. After the movie we had turkey, just the 3 of us, my brothers doing the Christmas thing with his wifes big happy family so it was a low-key christmas, one of the first times I kinda realized my brother isn’t going to be around forever, we’re good friends and Xbox Live is cool, but theres something about toasting champagne glasses together that doesn’t work over a headset.

I hope everyone had a great day yesterday, and the season is just colder, but all the holiday hell has lifted from the world, no more retirees with cheetoh stained-suits in front of everywhere, the stores are no longer like shoulder to shoulder packed clubs, and the best, no more christmas music! I laid down to rest last night feeling super stuffed, went to bed in a very soggy diaper feeling all tuckered out 🙂

More stuff soon, hope you had a happy day!

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2 thoughts on “the morning after feel

  1. Hi Riley,
    My Christmas was a very relaxed one this year! I have some really great friends that know I am diapered and also a hermaphrodite. As a mater of fact I am looking to them to give my baby to, the mother is a bad addict so I trust these folks intensely. We will see later on that way too many issues to make public now. Lets just say that being a hermaphrodite was some thing I had to have many doctors examine me and report to the court very humiliating at the least. This place is my home and we made a fire and I felt safe and warm in the woods with wolves and a cougar in the area compared to my home in the city. I have even slepted with the wolves along with my baby daughter.
    My friends saw me reading your site and think your cool, Dahhh! I told them some day I am going to give you a flower in person and make you smile for no reason. Then get on the road and see how you grow and maybe share some with you in the process. I told them your a force to either accept or denie as for me I accept you and can not believe the depth of your feelings. I have always disliked convention and value originality over all things! I guess thats why I look forward to your blogs and could care less about your videos not that your not great as is or will be. I just like reading what Riley thinks and feels and it is nothing short of amazing. So Merry Christmas, as politically incorrect as I can say! Your a warm wonderful person who deserves her dreams and than some!
    Miki38a from D.S.

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