Hood life

Couple quick things…

1.) I have enough diapers to last me until the end of the year, but not to the end of the Chinese year. I need to get back on craigslist and hunt down some diapers, I didn’t get any for christmas, but i’m a big girl, I can take care of myself and I think this christmas was tough for everybody. Also, fuck christmas, at least the gift giving Wal-Mart part of it.

2.) The doggy in the christmas card picture is Yin, a good friend of mine’s albino mutt. He’s such a little guy, hes just so cute cuddly and very social, its hard to be around something so cute so often. Here’s another pic, as requested 🙂

I still haven’t seen Avatar in 3-d yet, but I did see the Robin Hood trailer… It’s obvious that the big hollywood part of the film industry is supply/demand, but is anyone out there really clammering for a new Robin Hood or Sherlock Holmes movie, Holmes might be ok and I guess it might promote people to go out and read the originals, but have you ever heard anyone say “oh man, they should totally make a Sherlock Holmes movie!” Also, there’s been 4 great Robin Hood movies so far…

The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) – Great for Errol Flynn’s pure awesomeness
Robin Hood (1973) – Big favorite when I was a little little one, classic disney, and the best song ever!
Robin Hood (1991) –  Not “great” but still highly enjoyable with a great cast, and Christian Slater.
Robin Hood: Men In Tights (1993) Young Dave Chapelle, mid-career Cary Elwes, Mel Brooks, good gag-a-minute spoof.

No more Robin Hood, we know what’s going on with him already. Make a Robin Hood where a guy takes down Nike with a bow and arrow and I’ll be first in line, until then, just leave us alone with your Robin Hoodery.

More stuff soon, this was just a rant post, my next post is going to be all about my room and how cute it’s become 🙂

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