coalition of the willing

This post consists of 99% awesome, and one thing that wasn’t cool, but turned out ok.

Let’s start with the awesome, shall we?

Most of us have thought about when Uncle Ben said “With great power comes great responsibility”, to me it’s always meant that one’s actions effect more than we know. Being public about being trans means that I am a representation of a minority group, and my responsibility is working towards opening paths for people like me, simply making it less likely for transgendered people to get hassled, depressed or ostracized. Mind you, I’m not saying that being trans and not involved in activism makes you a proverbial Uncle Tom, most people don’t have the freedom and arrogance that I do and many have had greater struggles than myself, either in life or in coming to terms with gender. Plus, regardless of who you are, do your own thing, just because you are part of a community doesn’t mean it should restrict you from or force you into anything.

I feel like the rough spots in my life wouldn’t be so rough if I had the opportunities that a cisgendered, or nontransgendered, person has, especially in aspects such as employment, safety and healthcare, both physical and psychological. I was into activism as a younger person, but fell into a more introverted pattern of “the only way to change other people is to change yourself” but thats heady and philisophical and has very little bearing on reality. You need to get your mitts dirty to really change things, and that’s what’s i’m doing. When I left Target its really the first time in my adult life I’m not spending 40+ hours a week doing something menial just to survive and spending the rest of my time trying to forget those hours. Though I’m honestly not sure how I’m going to pay rent at the end of this month, I’d take just about any job right now and unemployment won’t give me a dime, with my free time and ‘mitts’ I’ve been planting whatever seeds I can in the asphalt of this city.

Other than the usual stuff like being involved in events like the rainbow festival and trans remembrance day to rally’s and sign waiving, I’ve been getting more involved with Equality California and a forming transgendered coalition. The latter is really exciting, we’re getting all the local support groups united and putting the doctors, services etc. under one directory, as well as working towards getting space and funding for a transgendered health center. There’s also a trans summit coming to California that we’re hosting, so there’s lots to do. I’m on the groundfloor of this, but the people from EQCA have been getting this started for a while, and I feel very new and eager to help, but also unexperienced… I’m learning from some really empowered people, theres only a few people involved so far but things are moving surprisingly fast, the transcenter is getting very close to reality.

Pride this year is also going to be a big deal, they’re having it in front of the capitol building in the capitol of California, Sacramento, it’s no San Fransisco Pride but it’s still pretty big. We’re really going to up the transgenderered representation this year, something that couldn’t really happen as a bunch of smaller groups and I’m hoping that will bring the gay and the trans community together a little bit more, last years pride it felt like the transpeople were kinda transparent, no pun intended. I’m super excited about getting out there, and I totally have the confidence to get out there and kick-ass for gender rights.

The other thing I was going to talk about… well, forget it. It was just me complaining about my trip to the rare fetish event I go to failed. I was all made up and sexy and was going to try out for this fetish pageant, something I think i could have succeeded in, had a skit made up and was in a garters and stockings and everything, but i never even left the house due to massive amounts of failure by multiple parties, including myself. I do look forward to these nights, its cheap to go out now that I don’t drink and its totally a big confidence boost, but whatever. There’s more to that night that I haven’t told you about, long story short, I had my robot virginity taken.

More stuff soon, including an explanation of that last line.

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