love the one you plug in

This is entry is about the machines we love and has a really positive message, I promise, but it does contain Graphic Content. My last post was about how much I want to be a positive beacon of the transgendered community, this post is about me getting penetrated by a robot.

I was helping a good friend of mines girlfriend, It’s weird to say it like that, because she’s my friend too… its just a reference point. Anyway, we were cleaning out a storage facility and I was helping her like any good friend would, plus I go to drive her really clean 69′ Plymouth Barricuda. I really like classic Mopar cars, it comes from my Dad and a childhood of Vanishing Point but I wouldn’t say its an entirely masculine thing for me. Byrne (which isn’t even remotely her name, or even really a first mame, but i’m listening to the Talking Heads right now so thats her name), she drives a really sexy, powerful car and she’s a very feminine genetic girl, stylish and very naturally girly, politicians wife look, muy caliente, and I know they’re going to read this, but i’m just tellin’ the truth.  I just think the attraction is the power, I rode a motorcycle for a while in my teens, another sexy but a little more economical/deadly mode of gettin’ around in style.

Back to the storage facility, there was a big pile of crap she was going to give to goodwill etc, there was a giant tool chest there, and opening it was like opening that suitcase in Pulp Fiction.

Bender Rodriguez, my boyfriend
*added note, me and youtube happened to end up with the same pic, if you want closeups let me know*
*let me clarify, closeups of the machine, not of me… well, maybe you can message me about that too*

Looking at all the parts made my mechanic bone tingle! Basically, her Dad had bought it online from some custom place, and her Mom was like “no way”, and so the sex machine was passed to the next of kin, Byrne was at least brave enough to try it and then say “no way”. So I ended up with it. It’s pretty ridiculous, it uses those vacuu-lock attachments for strap-ons and luckily I had gotten one years ago, my Ex and I used a strap-on now and then, the vibrations were nice and it made me feel very girly… I may be a femme girl, but I can still top, strap-on or not. I don’t prefer it, but i’ll go into that more later. On the surface, the “fucking machine” is hilarious and noisy, just watch the video for the details on the actual device.

Since I’ve gotten it I’ve shown it to just about everyone thats come over and had tons of laughs, but I didn’t use it until saturday night, it just kinda stayed hidden away. I a little afraid of it, I doubt I could sell it for anything plus it was a gift, so it just sat there. Anyway, I was going to go out the other night as I mentioned in my last post, I was really disappointed and pretty desperate for human contact. I’m not sure how the hormones factor into this all, but I definitely wanted to be with someone that night more than I ever have in my entire life, on the s-e-x topic, here’s a couple fun facts about me:

1.) I’ve never been in anything anyone would call a legitimate romantic relationship

2.) I’m completely STD free and very paranoid about catching something

3.) 33% of my sexual experience has been friends-with-benefits, 33% is split through a few shortlived girlfriends, 33% has been with someone that looks, sounds and occasionally acts like Simon Cowell. The last 1% is available on

4.) The only thing stronger than my loneliness is my fear of being hurt

Needless to say, I’m kinda lonely and want sex, but am not about to just go and find someone at a regular bar, Its hard to meet people when you’re trans and you pass well without going to a specific place where people know to go meet transgirls, and the once-a-month club I was heading to was that kind of place. So when I didn’t get to go, I was horny and dissapointed, my roomate was gone and so I got out the sex machine. My first time with it was clumsy at best, I had the camera rolling when I did it but the video is pretty sad. I look like a total virgin and it took some time to get myself positioned right, at first I saw it as a huge sex toy, but once I had it inside me I realized how much of a people simulator it was meant to be. It felt really nice for a minute, and for a fleeting moment I actually felt like someone was on my bed, penetrating me, and it felt really nice. I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt like that, its been a good year or so, but once it was gone, I was still alone, in my room with a noisy chunk of metal… I need to paint it pink or something.

All the information above comes down to this, people need companionship and can often times find it in machines, either through being a part of an online community, immersing yourself in video games, or by simply  letting a robot fuck you

4 thoughts on “love the one you plug in

  1. 🙂 it's perfectly normal to want to see something like that used on someone like me 🙂

    if you want to see me play with it, I have a video in my private youtube, just E-mail me or send a donation to my paypal!

  2. Hi riley, i want to say I am fan of you since lots of months, in first time, I think you are a girl and I being very suprised to know you haven't always been a girl !
    But I kept liking your videos and I try to read all your post but it is difficult for me (i am french guy ).

    What is your e-mail adress please ?
    mine is :

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