America still needs your help!!!

*i’ve received a few good responses, and if they don’t work out I’ll just have to roll up my sleeves and do it myself. If you’re ever bored and think you can come up with something awesome, feel free to send it to me, but I think I’ve got it covered for now 🙂 I’ll keep the post up though, just for laffs, and look forward to some neat new banners!*

OK… GO!!!

I loved this game when I was a kid, the pacing on the intro is just hilarious. I wonder if theres a way we could get an online emulator thing going where i could finally beat that with someone, I never could and have tried countless times. If you’re geeky (only positive connotations intended), especially geeky enough to remember this game, or just good at design, I need your help!

I’m learning to make animated gifs throught the help of some tutorials, but I really could use an awesome banner in the next few days, and my skills are nowhere near what i’ve seen on some of my reader’s sites. Here’s the banner I made, I was going to add more but ended up not saving the original .PNG so I can’t finish it, this took me a lot longer than I’d like to admit… click on it to see the giffyness, I dont know why its not animated here.

So here’s the deal. I’m not able to pay anyone at the moment for any services like that, and most all of my diapers I need. I do however have some 1980’s Attends Large, opened but i still have the pack, that are totally worth something from what I’ve seen on E-bay, I just have been waiting to give them to someone on my blog. So if you’re a bigger person and do graphic design, that would be what I would send you for a horizontal and vertical banner for both this site and my, and I might commission you in the future to do one for If you have no interest in that, I might have a couple little dresses or something that I could send you from my personal collection, or if you’re more interested in getting access to my private youtube, that could be arranged in exchange for the banners.

I’m looking for something that I can post everywhere, in the standard banner sizes that I can provide you if you don’t know, but you probably know if you do this often. The only requirements be that its animated and features my website, possibly incoporate a pic into that, I can take one just for the banner on a white background so you can magicwand it onto the banner, or if theres a pic that I have that you already like, you can just borrow from that, photoshop my pics at will, but please, on this occasion only!  Since you obviously read this site, you probably already know what I’m all about and can use that to make a decent banner. As for the one, it doesn’t HAVE to be animated, but I’d prefer it, and the text should just be something along the lines of “The Story of My Transition” or something like that, “my life in transition” or something. Here’s a couple older ones, what I’ve done in the past…

I like the look of these, but I’m at the point where I really want an animated banner, plus the pics are kinda old and a little hard to see, but like the colors but be creative and use whatever you think looks good
This one is probably my favorite, thats a great little pic of me and gives lots of info, but the size is wrong for most places and it is kinda boring and poorly formatted. 
One of my first attempts, and below is my current, very boring banner for LetsGetSRS
Contact me on my email if you think that you can help, and we can discuss reimbursment. I’m off to my new job, I’m going to be posting my review of the new ABUniverse Cushies diapers once I get back from my first day of training, I’m really excited and an angel sent me a bag of small Abri-Forms I got this morning, a great little treat and I’ll be contacting whoever sent it when I get back, or just E-mail me first, and thanks! Anyway, these Abri-forms fit under my clothes really well and I feel really snug and secure, I’d take a pic but I sold my little digital camera : (
Anyway, I’m running out the door, thanks for reading and more stuff before your next change, well, maybe if you’re wearing a Abri-form with stuffers…

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5 thoughts on “America still needs your help!!!

  1. I have a gif for you but for some reason it does not work on blogger. I tried it on my other site It works well and looks so cute. Even though blogger says it supports gif it does not work?

  2. Riley its been great to watch you in your changing (pun sorta intented.) Love your blog keep up the great work. Thanks for sharing with the world!!

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