good girl

This is out of nowhere but I’ve been really good about the drinking thing, tonight was the second time I had anything alcoholic to drink this year, and both times its been 1 beer in a social environment. Heavy drinking and going overboard with things like cocaine and ecstasy and hallucinogens was holding me back for a long time, I don’t really like to talk about on here because it’s not really who I am, but I’m just saying, I could write a book. Stopping all that stuff and coming out clean, healthy and police record free has made my life literally explode with positivity and progress. I never went to recovery or anything like that, mostly becoming a woman was a big thing for me. Everyone has dark spots in their life, it’s part of growing up and learning how to live properly, they don’t really teach that in school. I know many friends from my old circles that have gone off the deep end, and many of my friends today are people I used to do tons of drugs with, but have since cleaned up and become successful. To take a note from the Beatles in arrogent self-comparison, even Jesus Christ has a part in his life that he doesn’t talk about. 

It’ll all come out in a tell-all book someday, lots of funny stories about crazy nights and drug induced antics, but I’ve always been sensible to never go too far, like use shoot stuff up or smoke a bunch of meth… even thinking about those things sounds like something out of a movie. All in all, life is fantastic, and I’m so positive right now that I feel as if I can express some things that I never could before, it all seems like the adventure of my life has led to this point and things are starting to get really interesting. I started writing about my new job in this post and started thinking about this, I feel empowered. Anyway, read that post maybe, and yeah, I don’t know the rules on posting stuff on 2 blogs at once, I’m so conflicted… i’m too tired, much love, nighty night! 

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