Pursuit of Happiness

Hey there! This was going to be a quick post but it turned into a really long one…

Everything went great at the new job, there was an event at my location so it took place at a local dive bar, really nice crowd, open bar on the company tab, I had a pint of blue moon with an orange in it, my favorite. There were a few people at training and we all got along well, it was really informal and I could see these people as becoming quick friends, one of them actually worked with me at a Sushi place a few years ago. I’m not going to be totally open about my work because i don’t want to get stalked or draw unwanted attention to the company, sorry, but God hasn’t pushed the button that turns stalkers and creeps into puppies and kittens yet.

I have a loooong shift tomorrow, and I’m super-looking forward to it, I think everyone either correctly guessed my gender (female…) or noticed I was trans and was respectful as any intelligent, civilized person would be. I’m glad to be meeting people now where trans-people are just like any other folks.With these kinds of people, people are just people, we’re all just dudes and chicks and bitches and bro’s and expressing yourself is a positive thing. Pre-exposure is also key, especially in the alternative scene where most everyones hungout with transpeople at least once, at target i’m a freak because alot of those people have only seen transgendered people represented on television, at least at my target. Around progressive people I’m just another one of the gang thats working towards the same goal… whatever that may be. So i’m finally in a trans-friendly environment… lets just hope they stay just as friendly if they ever find my blog… oh i’m being over paranoid, even if they get weirded out, whateva.

So all is good, I know I said I would do a review of the ABU Cushies diaper tonight, but I need to test it over night to get a really good feel 🙂 I wore a small abriform to work and wet it just as I got home, it leaked a tiny bit in the back but I wet a lot… very comfy diapers 🙂 Training begins early tomorrow, so this little girl is going to put her hair in pigtails, her bottom in a very comfy nappy, and curl up with her newly downloaded episodes of Daria, which is also a good Cake song, which is also a good band. Nighty night bloggyland, if only I could torrent some of my happiness to you 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Pursuit of Happiness

  1. Glad to hear you got a job Riley. I'm excited to see what you have to say about the new abu diaper. I love how they look, i've never ordered from them before. Yet those diapers are just cute enough I might have to save up and order them.


  2. Just so you know, your happiness came through your post and made me smile today. Thanks for sharing and best wishes for continued happiness.

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