ramp it up

I haven’t been posting due to an overwhelming lack of time, this is my Saturday, spent a good portion of it at Planned Parenthood waiting to get my blood taken to check up on my levels, I should get the results back soon. I had a nice lunch with a friend, I’m feeling very empowered right now, I’m excited about where I’m going and what I’m doing, my job has growth potential, so I’m not just doing something monotonous, I’m learning new skills and meeting new connections and re-establishing old ones. Needless to say, I’m happy with it, I’m still looking for something that pays better, but this is good for just now, and its nice to work 40+ hour weeks after being unemployed for so long, but I miss this site and all my friends out there in diaper-land ❤

One of the big changes that is coming up for me is I’m hoping to ramp up my hormone intake, I’m taking 2mg while many are taking 8mg, I’m probably going to start taking 4mg and then 8mg after a few more months depending on how it effects me. I would do the same for Spiro as well, I just feel like I’m ready to really up the dosage. I’ve been breaking out more than ever, I think due to the hormones, the stress, the sometimes twice daily shaving… ugh… next paycheck I’ll invest in a still camera, do a little diapered photoshoot, I promise. There’s also going to be some changes coming to the site, mostly in the design aspect, I want to make it more streamlined and easier to find information. I plan to be doing more interactive stuff… More on this soon, I’m so excited about the future of the site and myself ❤

I am comfy in an Abri-form right now, this is Riley signing off until the near future… bye bye!!!

*grumbles* ::loads TurboTax::

overcome all over the place

Hey there readers! This is little Riley Kilo, writing on valentines day morning, all dressed up pretty for a long day at my new job : )

Today being Valentines Day, I wanted to get extra dressed up and cute… I’m really excited about something thats happening this evening, that I’m going to try to make it to in time… Del Tha Funkee Homosapian is going to be doing a singing, I’m hoping to meet him and get his autograph or a picture, I’ve always admired him for rapping about nerdy stuff, having been a computer programmer etc, I’m going to get him to sign my Nintendo Zapper I think, I would love to have him sign a copy of Xenogears but I don’t have one readily available. It should be cool, if you’re not familiar with him specifically, you probably recognize him as the rapper on this song –

Seriously, this flow changed my life, when it came out there was nothing else on the radio, I was blown away by it. I was young enough that this was my first exposure to hip-hop that wasn’t DC Talk, this song is key to me opening my mind about music, especially hip-hop. Since then, I’ve become a huge fan of his solo work, Deltron 3030 and hieroglyphics, all bay area, all raw and real and socially concious. If you live in california, you probably recognize this…

Anyway, I’m super excited and its a positive spin on an otherwise depressing holiday. If a computer programmer becoming a hip-hop legend, maybe a girl like me can find love ❤

Hope you have a happy valentines day, Keep an eye on here, I might have a webcast tonight on TinyChat.com for valentines day, but I don’t know really whats going on later tonight, so who knows. I’m single, and don’t have a valentine, but thats all a bunch of noise anyway. Gotta run, much love ❤

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Well, I almost made it through the whole day, but at about 2:30 the day started to wear on me. Things are still awesome with my job, I left today with everyone happy but relatively grossed out. I just feel like total garbage right now. I have tomorrow and friday off, then I work all weekend, I’m still kinda getting back into the employment pattern, and hopefully I’m feeling crescent fresh by the weekend, I’ll keep you updated.

I did want to add, the best way to watch the video below is to watch in on DPRTube.com instead of the embed I put on here, the tag doesnt block so much on their site, I’m going to write them about the oversized tag, I didn’t realize how obtrusive it is, and Xtube doesnt take .FLV’s and is just an awful site to upload highquality video to. Anyway, back to the odwalla and blankie, much love ❤
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Alright, I have some chicken stock with veggies and tons of shittake mushrooms and a giant thing of OJ. I almost never get stuffy nose sick, and if it does, I usually can kill it in the first day or so with my little Vitamin C and mushroom soup mix, but I feel awful right now, just about to head to work, I’m probably going to be sent home which is not good. I worked a full shift once with a recently broken and unmended wrist at one of my previous jobs, I’ll do just about anything in the world to keep this job. One of the people I work with just came back from being sick and I was in relatively close proximity with her for about 2 hours on monday, and now I’m sick. This is the first time I’ve gotten anything since starting hormones, and I feel really just awful right now. I have the next couple days off so I should be back and posting in top form by the weekend, send me some love this way and any awesome cold remedies you have, I’ve never been really into cold medicine, but I think I need some dayquil today, which always makes me feel worse but makes me look less sick.

I don’t know why I thought this would be cathartic… more stuff soon…y’know, not for a moment do I doubt taking hormones or anything like that through all this bullshit, but this morning I really just didn’t want to take them, I will take them, but I guess it just proves how much stress effects my decision making, ugh…

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Sexy Hot Raw Diaper Videos

Hey there friends! As promised, here’s my video review of the ABUniverse Cushies diapers. I’m starting to post my videos on DprTube.com so I can include the naughtier bits without getting flagged down. The video’s still tame, but hopefully it will attract more youtubers to check out whats happening on some of the AB/DL owned sites, ideally building a better community without unwanted exposure. I originally uploaded to youtube because they had the least strict size standards so I could upload DV AVI, but now with .flv being accepted everywhere I have more freedom. Granted, DPRtube isn’t as fully functional as youtube, I can’t keep it from auto-starting or change the thumbnail image, which are very annoying ticks, but features that will surely be added as time and tech progresses. With sites like DPRtube upping their limits and staying more consistant i.e. not charging for premium access and not shutting down all the time, I can link to a community site as opposed to the juggernaut youtube…and by the way, please Subscribe to my youtube! Check here for the original versions of all my videos and keep in mind some of my youtube videos may be edited for content, like Beverly Hills Cop on a sunday afternoon.

I’ve been a busy girl with work and I’m loving life, happy, diapered and very soggy at the moment… I put on my last Cushie just as I got home today and I feel very comfy, powdery and soft 🙂

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Cushy Tushy

Hey there Diapered friends! I’m just home from my new job, it’s going awesome and I’m a very happy girl, still diapered, working as a girl in a very transfriendly environment, not making tons of money but doing something I enjoy, I’m a happy girl and will def. keep updating 🙂

I wanted to show off a new diaper I was sent by the good folks over at ABUniverse, they’re called Cushies, and they’re pretty awesome. I love the new designs, and it feels like i’m wearing a baby diaper made in my size, compared to wearing an adult diaper with cute stuff on it. Thats good and bad, I love the plastic crinklyness, and this has it, and a very cute and noisy tape strip.They are very much like the baby diapers I’ve worn in recent years, the motif is very modern generation pampers, but they dont feel cheap, I still feel snug and secure in them and they’re most definitely not cloth covered. To reiterate the baby-ness, the back padding, as you can see in the pics, is very bulky and very comfy, I always have a very happy bottom in these. I was sent a few, and wearing overnight and into the day wasn’t a problem, the diaper doesn’t fall apart. They’re very absorbent, I do get that “I’m about to leak” feeling after a couple of wettings, but I wore one for quite some time and never had any problems… I can’t wait to test more 🙂

 very babyish and colorful, with one very reliable tape.
           extra bulk in the bottom area
           similar big crinkly one tape diaper from ABU that I love
 isn’t “institutional” in look or feel  
           more modern look compared to the replica pampers ABU has produced in the past
I’m pretty happy with these, I’ll be posting a little video soon to show off the diaper in greater detail : )

Enjoy the pics and check these diapers out, the true test of a good diaper is time. They might become the favorite of the AB’s out there, I’m definitely going to put these on my list of “Most Wanted” diapers, they get the Riley seal of approval. ABUniverse is always creating new and exciting stuff, I’m excited to see whats next for them, they’re easily the leader in the “made by/for ABDL” diaper market, and hopefully this will inspire Bambino and other companies to focus on us as well, only the future will tell…

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what we do

I’m going to post stuff later tonight, stuff about the new Cushies diapers, but I’m running some errands first and apparently writing this. I was just quickly scanning the internets and found this article about the next chapter in the pimping of the Cyrus children. Consenting adults wearing diapers isn’t weird and wrong… this is weird and wrong… c’mon people, let kids be kids, teaching girls that attractiveness and exposing skin is the key to getting what you want and being popular is a crappy way to sell Childrens make-up kits. The salespeople say its good for the kids self esteem but so is wielding an AK-47 and those City of God kids didn’t turn out so great. Opie turned out good, its OK to look like a dork when you’re a kid, because kids are supposed to learn about family and love as well as develop personality and skills and lifelong friends and learn it’s ok to be yourself. Wait until your teens until you learn all about S-E-X, media whoring, controlling men with your looks and just generally exploiting yourself for personal gain, y’know, skanky stuff.

Anyway, I gotta go do stuff, I’ll write more soon, don’t let it get you down, most everyone thinks this is just as awful as I do, its just reactionary media, and i’ve fallen prey to it… grrr…

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