Alright, I have some chicken stock with veggies and tons of shittake mushrooms and a giant thing of OJ. I almost never get stuffy nose sick, and if it does, I usually can kill it in the first day or so with my little Vitamin C and mushroom soup mix, but I feel awful right now, just about to head to work, I’m probably going to be sent home which is not good. I worked a full shift once with a recently broken and unmended wrist at one of my previous jobs, I’ll do just about anything in the world to keep this job. One of the people I work with just came back from being sick and I was in relatively close proximity with her for about 2 hours on monday, and now I’m sick. This is the first time I’ve gotten anything since starting hormones, and I feel really just awful right now. I have the next couple days off so I should be back and posting in top form by the weekend, send me some love this way and any awesome cold remedies you have, I’ve never been really into cold medicine, but I think I need some dayquil today, which always makes me feel worse but makes me look less sick.

I don’t know why I thought this would be cathartic… more stuff soon…y’know, not for a moment do I doubt taking hormones or anything like that through all this bullshit, but this morning I really just didn’t want to take them, I will take them, but I guess it just proves how much stress effects my decision making, ugh…

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5 thoughts on “ugh

  1. Take three teaspoons of rubbed sage, mix it in with a glass of water, and drink it. It tastes horrible, but you will feel better! Besides, the remedies that taste the worst usually work the best :p. Feel better.

  2. awe hun, hope you get better soon
    as for remedies i get a cold every year and nothing i've tried can hift them ahead of tiem so just stick it out and plenty of rest is about all i can suggest.

    not all that helpful i know but it's the best i can do atm 😦


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