Well, I almost made it through the whole day, but at about 2:30 the day started to wear on me. Things are still awesome with my job, I left today with everyone happy but relatively grossed out. I just feel like total garbage right now. I have tomorrow and friday off, then I work all weekend, I’m still kinda getting back into the employment pattern, and hopefully I’m feeling crescent fresh by the weekend, I’ll keep you updated.

I did want to add, the best way to watch the video below is to watch in on DPRTube.com instead of the embed I put on here, the tag doesnt block so much on their site, I’m going to write them about the oversized tag, I didn’t realize how obtrusive it is, and Xtube doesnt take .FLV’s and is just an awful site to upload highquality video to. Anyway, back to the odwalla and blankie, much love ❤
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2 thoughts on “werk

  1. Crescent fresh — oh yes! What a wonderful reference. I always like following your travails; good luck in all you do. [Puts on some blackstar for old time's sake — now where can you get sifl and olly?]

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