overcome all over the place

Hey there readers! This is little Riley Kilo, writing on valentines day morning, all dressed up pretty for a long day at my new job : )

Today being Valentines Day, I wanted to get extra dressed up and cute… I’m really excited about something thats happening this evening, that I’m going to try to make it to in time… Del Tha Funkee Homosapian is going to be doing a singing, I’m hoping to meet him and get his autograph or a picture, I’ve always admired him for rapping about nerdy stuff, having been a computer programmer etc, I’m going to get him to sign my Nintendo Zapper I think, I would love to have him sign a copy of Xenogears but I don’t have one readily available. It should be cool, if you’re not familiar with him specifically, you probably recognize him as the rapper on this song –

Seriously, this flow changed my life, when it came out there was nothing else on the radio, I was blown away by it. I was young enough that this was my first exposure to hip-hop that wasn’t DC Talk, this song is key to me opening my mind about music, especially hip-hop. Since then, I’ve become a huge fan of his solo work, Deltron 3030 and hieroglyphics, all bay area, all raw and real and socially concious. If you live in california, you probably recognize this…

Anyway, I’m super excited and its a positive spin on an otherwise depressing holiday. If a computer programmer becoming a hip-hop legend, maybe a girl like me can find love ❤

Hope you have a happy valentines day, Keep an eye on here, I might have a webcast tonight on TinyChat.com for valentines day, but I don’t know really whats going on later tonight, so who knows. I’m single, and don’t have a valentine, but thats all a bunch of noise anyway. Gotta run, much love ❤

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One thought on “overcome all over the place

  1. i'd be your valentine hun but i'm a little far away 😦

    that being said i hope you have a great day and night and wake up with no regrets and full of energy tomorrow.


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