ramp it up

I haven’t been posting due to an overwhelming lack of time, this is my Saturday, spent a good portion of it at Planned Parenthood waiting to get my blood taken to check up on my levels, I should get the results back soon. I had a nice lunch with a friend, I’m feeling very empowered right now, I’m excited about where I’m going and what I’m doing, my job has growth potential, so I’m not just doing something monotonous, I’m learning new skills and meeting new connections and re-establishing old ones. Needless to say, I’m happy with it, I’m still looking for something that pays better, but this is good for just now, and its nice to work 40+ hour weeks after being unemployed for so long, but I miss this site and all my friends out there in diaper-land ❤

One of the big changes that is coming up for me is I’m hoping to ramp up my hormone intake, I’m taking 2mg while many are taking 8mg, I’m probably going to start taking 4mg and then 8mg after a few more months depending on how it effects me. I would do the same for Spiro as well, I just feel like I’m ready to really up the dosage. I’ve been breaking out more than ever, I think due to the hormones, the stress, the sometimes twice daily shaving… ugh… next paycheck I’ll invest in a still camera, do a little diapered photoshoot, I promise. There’s also going to be some changes coming to the site, mostly in the design aspect, I want to make it more streamlined and easier to find information. I plan to be doing more interactive stuff… More on this soon, I’m so excited about the future of the site and myself ❤

I am comfy in an Abri-form right now, this is Riley signing off until the near future… bye bye!!!

*grumbles* ::loads TurboTax::

6 thoughts on “ramp it up

  1. Its so nice to hear that your're so happy right now riley and that your job is going well, and that your going to be that much closer to who you really are! good luck for the future!! i really admire you. From Sophie fellow DL. xxx

  2. Great to see that you're back! But don't increase the dosage before you need to, alright? Take it when you feel like you're ready, not just because you want to speed it all up. I'm quite impressed that you're already thinking of increasing your dosage, which is only in a positive way. Stay friendly, and don't lose your mind!

    -Benjamin, your loyal blog lover :3

  3. Just a fast note happy for ya at work etc it does do some thing for ya to do, even if at times you really don't want to. Got to go had my first date for while and we both undid our diapers. So got to clean up and get this place ready for life tomorrow. Just two trans girls rocking each others boat!

  4. W/R/T to hormone doses you should be taking the least amount that is effective to you. 8mg of estrogen is way way too much for someone to be taking and even 4mg is too much for certain people. If you have any questions about doses and stuff of that natural don't hesitate to ask!

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