down but surely not out

Hey there internet! I’m here to say I’m one upset little muffin. I made a couple nice videos for you, and some for my SRS site, and even some private naughty ones, I was super-excited, and got really cute and made-up. This is my one day off this week, and I promised myself I would do bloggy stuff. Anyway, I did a bunch of videos, just now capturing them to find out the audio cuts out pretty consistently, the videos are unusable. I was pissed, because one of them was perfect but the last 30 seconds is gone, but its a pretty vital 30 seconds to the wholeness of the video. I’m bummed out, because it looks like just another thing I’m going to have to spend my hard earned money on, I can no longer trust this camera, and need to invest in external audio sooner than I thought I would. laaaame!!!

Yeah, I was angry at my computer, but one thing I did today was organize my data, somewhat of a spring cleaning, out with the old, so theres plenty of space and cohesion to all the new stuff I’m going to make. I have a commercial for a local venue in the works, bunch of new cool AB/DL stuff to show you. I’m excited about the future of this site 🙂

Back to the video. One of the things I mention is a steady theme in my life… I’m trying to find a balance, not to necessarily integrate my “private” life with my work life, but just to find harmony in them and to be able to manage my time and energy in a way where both of them work. It took a good couple months to get used to working as often as I have been, but I think I have a good thing going now. I asked for a full-plate, so I’m going to just go ahead and eat it. More stuff soon!!!

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