I’ve been working my cute little bottom off so I can invest in things that will lead to a rewarding career and enable me to make more content. 

I’m thinking a new camera is going to be the first big purchase, possibly an external audio source for current video camera, but I need decent video camera and a decent still camera. I’ve been trying to do the day by day picture thing, but I have to borrow my roomates camera… I don’t need an SLR or anything, just something I can carry around and use to take a daily picture of my development. One of those netbooks with the webcams in them so I can broadcast from the road is probably the second big thing, and then I’ve been thinking about buying my first “I-Product”, an Ipod touch or whatever the best for blogger/skype is… maybe a droid… any advice? I don’t really care for cell phone plans etc but I’m tired of not being able to check the internet wherever I want, interesting stuff happens to me all the time and I’m not getting the chance to share it with you guys. I think a new set of cameras, a netbook and a little internet gadget thing will really make my posting rate go up exponentially, I’m hardly ever home so I hardly ever post, I have a pretty hefty editing computer that needs another stick of 2gig DDR2 ram to run Premiere CS4 so that will be my very next purchase. This month is one of those awesome months with 3 paychecks, I’m paying off some small debts and bills, and then I’ll be able to afford some stuff to really get my internet communication going.

I’ve been working my cute little bottom off so I can invest in things that will lead to a rewarding career and enable me to make more content. 
Keep telling yourself that, Riley, someday you’ll be happy…

I think for the first time in my life, I’m facing the potential to be happy. I have a pretty decent job, making decent money and don’t forsee any potholes in the future. As you can tell from the first paragraph, I’ve been lusting after possessions much like the other billions of people in the work force. I want things, because I go through 8 hours of noise most days so I can have nice things and reach my goals. At least I don’t want anything terribly ridiculous like spinning rims or Fabergé eggs. One thing that has improved is my eating habits, I can afford decent fruits and veggies, good juices and teas and I even made a lasagna the other day after buying some much needed spices and cheeses. After I have all this settled, after all the *required* things have been purchased (tech/food/new clothes)  I’ll start paying for things like Laser Hair Removal and saving up for my transition. My life feels kinda awesome right now… but unfortunately I need to hop in the shower, put on a fresh, clean didee and head off to work! Much love from your little girl, and more stuff soon, I have to run, cash rules everything around me!

6 thoughts on “C.R.E.A.M.

  1. Try the HTC Magic, the phone I use! It's good for basically everything, and even comes cheap! Works just as well as the droid, and operates on the net like a dream. there's a little preview for 'ya below. Anyways, I'm glad to hear that you're *finally* making good progress with your life, and personally I don't care If you're going to step off the blog more often. I'm checking your blog every day for new post though, so keep it interesting! C you (virtually) soon!

  2. On a phone recommendation, I have a T Mobile Pulse, which in Europe is the cheapest Android phone out there. Apart from a few times when apps are slow to close, it's as fast as the latest Nexus One, and it's good enough for me.

    I also managed to get on a prepay scheme, where topping up £10 the month before gets you free Internet and text the next month, but without a contract, so if you can't afford it one month, it doesn't matter, you can drop in and out as is affordable.

  3. I don't know how much free wifi you have, but you may want to look into a device with 3g. It actually is a bit blazing in my experience, often faster than public wifi by a mile. Depending on how you get it, you could just be paying for the 3g and not the whole phone plan.

  4. Happy Easter!

    Ya might want to consider the Canon S90 P&S digital rig. Here's a worthwhile review of it:


    I bought one a few months ago and this is the first time ever I don't feel bad about not grabbing my dslr when I leave the house. The biggest reason to consider it is that it has ring around the lens that you can preset to use functions normally only accessible by flipping through menus. Plus it's their latest generation and has all the guts that make it tough not to get the shot you're wanting. With the f2.0 lens and usage of high iso's, you can't miss.

    xo, Papa

  5. Hi there! My true congrats for your achieved way of life you have now! Wish you to best to stay on that road to happyness! Now to your internet gadget: If you would like to have an “i”-device then i truly would recommend an “iPhone” but since you've got no interest in the whole “cellular thing” I would suggest an “iPod touch” instead. But keep in mind that you only can use it if you have free WiFi near you to connect to the net. So if you “REALLY” would like to do the internet stuff on the go the question of a iPhone strikes back because you have cellular network there if WiFi is not reacheable…. So good luck and all the best for your future!

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