lets talk about diapers!

Hey there internet friends! I believe that I have throughly explained my intentions, thoughts, plans and aspirations, as well as why I’m not doing things like pictures and video for just now, and that I’m going to start again before you know it.For now we’ll just hqve to huddle together around the candlelight and talk about diapers.

First off, I’m still pretty much doing the 24/7 thing, though hardly ever wetting. Diapers are just my choice of underwear at the minute, they are comfy and when I wear them I just feel so much more secure than I do in just a thin pair of panties. Of course the benefit of adding a little more padding to my bottom is nice, I don’t really have that hourglass figure *yet*. I guess more than anything, it just feels nice, gives me confidence, makes me feel more like a girl, and keeps everything tightly wrapped up down there. I don’t wet at work, theres no reason to, and its just not something I want to do. Right when I get home, hand on the doorknob, I’ll wet if I’m wearing a diaper i’m confident in. I have been wetting in the mornings mostly, its nice to wake up, wet my didee and then push the snooze button just once, and get a couple moments of zen babygirl time, then off to my big girl life and job. I get out of the shower and make sure to put on a diaper under my pants, lately its been almost entirely the Tena Smalls, Abri-Form Small or boys goodnites. I’m kinda getting rid of the goodnites, I’m hoping to eventualyl buy a pack of small bambinos or attends or something that I can wear under my clothes, I’m starting to run out of diapers I like but still have a big stack of goodnites to go through.

That’s my little diaper-round up for the moment, I have some cool new AB/DL clothes to show off and more stuff to write about regarding my transition. Hope all is well out there, hope everyones staying padded, happy and confident in your nappies 🙂 I’ll leave you with my favorite joke as of late, from a very cool song from a very cool band. ❤ much love!!!

A robot walks into a bar
orders a drink
lays down a bill
The bartender says, hey we don’t serve robots
and the robot says, oh but someday you will

15 thoughts on “lets talk about diapers!

  1. Riley,
    you are so cute!!I love your vids and reviews.I recently read that you have made some naughty vids!!!I would love to see them,every vid of yours I have seen leaves me wanting more!!!

  2. It's good to see someone utilises diapers properly.Try to use it as more as you can.You will know by yourself how protective & comfortable it is.Womans should learn from you.Thanks for the post & making awareness of diapers.

    adult diaper

  3. OMG I just recieved my baby scented diapers this morning!!! <333 an I also got my hello kitty panty too.. sooooooo excited!!! I was like a lil kid at X-Mas hahahaha

  4. You are sooo cute !!! I have been AB/DL since I was 4. I love to wear diapers so much. I wish I could wear them 24/7 like you baby !XXOO , SAM

  5. just scored on depends maxi protection @ goodwill. 2@ $1.99 a pack of 20!
    Vintage! Thicker plastic!
    +Depends Sure Fit for Men for work. Just like pullups.


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