time spent

so my apartment got condemned for one reason or another, i’ll explain later (it has to do with stairs) but i’ve been living in a hotel for the last few 8 days, paying out the ass but will be reimbursed, just have to put off any progress in my life until the 23rd when *hopefully* I’ll be able to move back in and get all my stuff. I hate my life sometimes, but I feel really good and i still have plenty of diapers 🙂

I’ve had the first 2 (!!!) wet dreams that I can remember in the last few days, work is great and I’m feeling prettier and happier than I ever have, regardless of the shitty situation, kinda feels like a vacation and I’m closer to work. I want to explore some of the nostalgia i’ve been feeling lately, look forward to more stuff, I’ve written lots of stuff, i just havent posted it, its not fleshed out yet really. Anyway, hotel computer sucks but I just had to post post post… this is my 6th straight day of working, so i’m off!!! Much love, and more sooooon!!! I didn’t fall off the face of the earth, and I anticipated this to happen, just not in this way.

2 thoughts on “time spent

  1. I love the way you face life's problems: you always fight, never surrender… Go on Riley!!!

    It's says “anonymus”, but it's from “Dlqwerty” 🙂

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