pride rock revisited

It’s good to be home! Even if home isn’t going to be home for very long, it still has all my stuff in it. I ended up coming home before the parade on Sunday, but having been to Sacramento Pride last weekend, seeing the Transmarch on friday and the celebrations on Saturday gave me my fair share of pride. 
There was a quote in Clerks, something like “I hate people, but I love gatherings, isn’t that ironic?”, I think that might be how I feel about this whole pride situation. First off, I don’t really identify as “Gay”. I’m bi, I’ve been with girls, I like girls, but I think that I could only really fall in love with a man. I appreciate women’s beauty, and am sexually aroused by women, especially diaper girls, but I don’t act on it, and usually pretend that I am the woman, not that man that cares for her, simply I want to be the fuckee instead of the fucker, but being a girl is a crucial part of my nature, both emotional and sexual, and its hard to feel like a girl when your putting your penis in someone. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I don’t feel “gay”, but I care very much about the love movement.
I felt like I was there to experience, to support. I do understand the negative reactionary nature of the parade dynamic but showing off our presence is important to those of us out there that maybe feel a little lonely, like there is nobody in the world that loves us, and this kind of thing is meant to dispel that. I felt touched at times, inspired, some of it was really sincere, that many people and that that much energy meant to just show love for sexual and gender non-normaltive people love is why so many people flock to pride, we need that love in this fear and hate-filled world. 
But I digress, I was mostly there to see my ex-roomates new apartment, and tons of people were there to just drink cheap beer and suck 37 dicks, and more power to them, it’s like a gay(er) burning man in the middle of a huge city, I highly recommend checking out the nearest to you big cities pride, it’s craaaaazy. 

More stuff soon! 

One thought on “pride rock revisited

  1. it was very intresting to read your blog… as it remembers me of my days of transition… 3 years back…i find it hard to be a fucker but wanted to be a fucked…i was happy that my family accpeted me as a girl and helped me to pass through that phase. i'm now post op for the last 2 years and happily married for the last 1 year… we are planning for kids. one with my frozen sperm and surrogate mother,and other with his sperm….

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