fun by yourself!

*If you’ve been reading for a while you probably remember this post, enjoy!*
I’ve been getting more creative with self-bondage, I‘m trying to become more accustomed to being in difficult positions and being bound for longer times. When I goto bed in bondage I wake up in a strange comfortable state, taking off my restraints is like a cup of coffee, it signifies my transition from little helpless girl to productive confident woman.
I‘ve wanted to emulate a lack of control but it took a bit of creativity to do it safely. I would never put myself into a situation where roommates, neighbors or firefighters would have to untie my kinky self. I‘ve also worried about a fire or something, but that’s a chance I‘m willing to take. Last night I did something pretty intense. I figured out a way to keep myself completely unable to release myself but still safe, and it was amazing!
Here’s the supplies, a combination lock, some chains wrapped in blankets and a room that is flooded with sunlight in the morning… I memorized the combination on the lock and wrote it on my arm, waited until about 3 hours before sunrise, diapered myself very thickly and put in a glycerin suppository. I then bound my legs with a metal set of chains that I couldn’t break out of and attached my legs to the chains I tied around my wrists, connecting them very close to a bondage collar I wear with a D ring on the front of it, forcing my hands to go no lower than my chest. If you don’t have a collar you can tie the chain around your waist and put your hands behind your back, the whole point is forcing yourself to not touch your diapered parts and to be forced to use your diaper in a helpless state. Then make sure your windows are open and that you are comfortable, safe, etc, turn out the lights and close the lock.
When I tried this the first time I got a weird rush knowing that I was stuck, I wouldn’t be able to unlock the combination lock until it’s sunlight again (hoping that the sun comes up again, and if it doesn’t, I‘d rather not see what’s going on outside). At first I just struggled, tried to get comfortable and sucked on my pacifier. I realized how difficult it would be to wet in this position, but I drank so much water that I know ‘ll have to. The glycerin started making me cramp almost as soon as I was bound, and I tried to hold it and worried about being soggy and cold and wet all night but I got to a point where I had to use my diapers and afterwards it’s always humiliating, even though no ones watching.
After I had a full diaper I just started drifting off to fantasy’s about being put into this state by a cruel hospital staff or a strong dominant mistress who knows how much her little sissy girl needs to be controlled. In bondage your mind wanders to meditative states, a waking dream of fantasy’s and submission, time become non-linear and you forget how you were put into this situation, allowing you to become anyone, anywhere. Its amazing how restricted I feel with heavy chains all over my tiny body, sore from being 5’7’’ in a 5’2’’ crib.
When the sun started coming up I started waiting to be able to undo the lock, but focusing my mind on that made my drowsiness take over, and I fell asleep to wake up a few hours after sunlight. It took me a few minutes to get out of the chains, adding further frustration to my tired and soggy state, but once I showered and got all clean and diapered again, I felt relieved and sated. BE SAFE!!! Keep a phone close, or make sure that you have an open window you could yell to a neighbor, nor just make sure your plan is fool-proof! It’s a pretty intense thing to do to oneself, but its reasonably safe and a great way to be kept in bondage by the biggest dom of them all… the sun!

3 thoughts on “fun by yourself!

  1. Beautiful post 🙂

    I absolutely love self bondage. The creativity of doing it safely but also in a way which is exciting is probably the biggest turn on for me.

    As a software developer I've spent lots of enjoyable hours figuring out ways to harness the power of computers for the purpose. As much as I enjoy the bondage, I think I probably enjoy the creative problem solving part more…

    Anyway, sorry about the novel of a post. Love your site!

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