13 thoughts on “New Goodnites!

  1. Thanks for another great review.Ive never tried the goodnites but they are looking rather cute and I do love cute little girly diapers so I think it's high time I tried them

  2. I'm glad you have found that it is easier to embrace yourself than to pretend to be something you're not. wish you well with your upcoming SRS, and hope you continue to be true to yourself and the truly beautiful person you are.

    P.S. I'm an 18-y.o. male DL who can't reveal my secret to anyone for fear of repercussions, but would like to start practicing. any product suggestions or hints on hiding this from my folks? much appreciated.

  3. OMG i'm in love with you Riley! but,my diaper is too small for me. i wear goodnites XL. what is more big than thoses?

  4. i peed in my first goodnites today at the supermarket. i was talking to the cashier and peeing in my cute little pink diaper with the heart.

  5. I absolutely love girls goodnites, I haven't tried those ones but the previous versions were amazing.

    P.S can you do a video of you wearing pullups?

  6. Hey I just got the new girls goodnites they fit amazing they are really comfortable and really absorbent and I love a warm wet diaper just like you.

    PS just so you know I'm a guy who loves girly looks

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