Sniffles etc

Here’s a LetsGetSRS video of me having the sniffles. I am back to full form today, i’m getting to some emails today, I’m in my sleeper, a bit of OJ in my favorite cup, doing some editing and kinda half playing Pokemon Yellow while stuff renders. This is what I’m training…

Kakihara is a gyarados, and Riley is the Pikachu. I never beat it when I played it the first time, but I beat blue and red on an emulator before Yellow came out, I was obssessed but only had a PC. I was going through some older nostalgic kind of stuff and ran into my copy of Pokemon Yellow. I remember buying that forever ago, we’d save up money from neighborhood kind of work or birthdays etc and buy games at blockbuster because they were cheeaaaaaap. I found it right after I inherited an old gameboy when my roommate moved out so I’ve been playing it now and then. It’s a fun game, I like how Yellow is more like the show, I recently downloaded the “indigo leauge” which is like the first season, all 82 episodes of it. I frankly don’t think I’ve seen all the episodes, when I stopped caring about pokemon was when I stopped caring about just about anything, 8th grade, I’ve told the story of how my wrists were broken by a bully and the profound effect it had on me, if ya missed it i’m sure it’ll come back around again.

Pokemon was always a really neat thing in my life. I remember just loving it, the colors of the logo, all that stuff, it just made me really excited to catch em all, or whatever my interpretation of that was. I was into pokemon a little longer than most kids, I stopped liking pokemon because I was bully-bait already, Pokemon was in the lull between current and retro. Plus I was having issues with looking my age, I’m not sure if I’ve ever really mentioned this, but I was under 5 feet until high school and then damn short until senior year. I’m 5’7” now, so my perspectives changed a bit.

It’s a funny thing, how life goes like that. I totally embrace my love for pokemon now, and look forward to watching the rest of the show, maybe even getting current with it. I never really have time to sit down and watch stuff, but Pokemon is so inane that I can watch it while, say, writing a blog post. I’ve watched a couple episodes writing this post alone. I’ll be posting some new stuff, I have a new “secret blog” that I’m posting stuff too now and then, it’s for donators only and has some really naughty stuff on there. I’m 10 days away from not having an apartment, trying not to panic. 
Anyway, Bambino has a new stuffer and diaper, diaperspace is back, I love Bambinos so its kinda interesting but no significant change, and diaperspace has a cafepress with some cool designs, but it’s just a cafepress. I’ll be posting more stuff soon, I’m going to be talking about my breasts on LetsGetSRS and about Attends on here, hope thats exciting ❤

2 thoughts on “Sniffles etc

  1. Pokémon FTW! I never really followed anything besides Red/Blue/Yellow but when those where out I loved the series. I was a major dork, I had the games, cards, shows, all that shit.

    The show is great, and some of the episodes that got cut from the United States are hysterical to watch now. “Legend of Dratini” is so over the top with the violence it is ridiculous that it got cut. And the uncut versions of “Beauty and the Beach”…well I can see why those got cut out, but still funny as shit.

    I just wish they had a good emulator for red/blue/yellow where you could link with friends over the internet, that would be awesome.

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