I woke up this morning and just started sneezing, sneeze after sneeze, probably 7 sneezes in I completely peed all over my night dress. I would be angry, but I was doing a little video last night and put the bedwetting sheets on, so it didn’t ruin anything, I just started the morning out a little wetter than usual. No diaper last night, trying to conserve, I’ll add sneeze fits as reason #1383 why I should be diapered all the time. Picture is my post wetting coldbuster 😛

I’ve had a couple spooky nights lately, where I live is very old and last night I read this tale of lies before bed. I was sleeping soundly, until I was awoken, groggy, and it sounded like someone was scratching at the large double doors to my room. I freak out a little bit and keep on hearing listening, not sure what to do. Its dark and cold, I’m nakkies and in bed, I build up the courage to kick the door jamb enough to acknowledge I was there and I hear the tell tale sound of something hauling ass out of the room. I get up and turn on the lights, in late night scaredy-cat mode where I don’t want to open the doors, thats the last thing I would do. This place is oooold and there could be spooky energies! I know that sounds so silly but we all think a little different when awoken in the middle of the night. Long story short, pretty much every 45 second from then on, I would   hear a *tck *tck *tck on my door, I’d rustle the door, mouse would haul ass, I’d get almost back to sleep, and then *tch*tck*tck. Theres been some construction so micey friends have been an issue, my roomate is anti-mousetrap, and the constructions going to be over this weekend, but yeah… 
That’s my scaredy mousey story. And then I woke up and totally peed myself. I’m pretty awesome. 

4 thoughts on “mousetrap

  1. Hey, have you thought about looking for those humane mousetraps? They've got them at like, Wal-mart or stores like that. They just catch the mouse, and then you can go let them out outside. That way no dead micies to worry about.

  2. Wish I could help you out… between having to pay part of my tuition this semester and moving out, it's going to be hard goings for these next few months… I will try to help you when I can, though!

  3. for mice:

    get those moustraps, put em along a wall where you see one, and use peanut butter on the trigger. Or an apple.

    record time to kill rodent: ttkr: 19 minutes from time of set.

    and no, humane traps DO NOT WORK. The critter will come back. (Trust me on this one, I know.) As for the spooky stuff: go to church, get your place blessed. Yes, blessed.

    Just my opinion…


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