New Bambino First Impressions!!!

Hello there diaper fans! I have some *exclusive* pictures of the new Teddy Bambinos!!!

Aren’t they cuuuuuuuute??? These pictures were taken by a dear, sweet friend of mine, I haven’t actually gotten my mitts on them yet but I’m really excited. Neither myself or my friend are associated with Bambino, we’re just big diaper fans and like to share with other diapered folks. Here’s the first impressions! 
“Bambino’s done it again! The new Teddy bambinos are the softest, bulkiest diapers by Bambino to date. The pictures show a comparison between the bianco and the teddy, both medium, you can see the difference in size but the real difference is softness. These are wonderfully soft, it’s akin to love on our skin and abrasion rashes will likely become a thing of the past. The new tapes pull out and keep everything quite snug, and the design is the cutest yet! I’ve purchased and tried everything the Bottom Half Group has put out and have to say this is the best so far. Though I have yet to test the absorbency, Bambinos have always been plenty absorbent and I’m sure this will keep up that tradition. I even got a new sample of the booster panel which will surely make for some fun bulky diaper times!”
Well, there you have it! The new Bambinos are awesome, and I can’t wait until I have my cute little bottom in one! As soon as I do, look forward to the video 🙂
I hear awful things about the tapes, may be diaper-destroying defect 😦

11 thoughts on “New Bambino First Impressions!!!

  1. one thing that you forgot to mention, is the cost. not everyone can afford these if they're incredibly expensive, so a few things to consider other than quality:

    how many come in a package (n)
    how much does that cost (c)
    how many is that per product (c divided by n=price per diaper.)

    just some food for though. and i was wondering about that information, which should probably be included in the review.

  2. Apparently the new diapers are really popular though. They already sold out of their first batch of large diapers. I'll just have to wait till they get more in. Glad your friend got some and thanks for the review.

  3. I don't consider Bambinos to be designer diapers, especially since I can't buy an equal and they don't cost that much more or less. And this information is easily found within a few moments on the web. Riley was just excited to find some visual information about the new Teddy's, there isn't much out there, they're brand new!

    xo, Papa

  4. Check Abena L4 (aka X Plus) they are not as expensive and I feel just as good. You can get babyish tape to put on the front if you are after cute pictures.


  5. @billiardnut

    Where do you buy your Abenas? The cheapest site I've found is xpmedical, at a cost of ~$1.38 per diaper for medium X-plus, vs. a cost of ~$1.37 per diaper for medium Bambino Classicos or Biancos (the same price for Secures or Active Diapers), and ~$1.40 per diaper for medium Teddies.

    If you know a cheaper site for Abenas, I'd love to hear about it, since I prefer Abenas to Bambinos myself, anyway.

  6. they are $67 for a case of medium containing 48
    large case is $76.75 containing 48
    and sample pack is 7.25 for large 7.00 for medium both containing 2

    they also have the two bag option

  7. I'm wondering how this is even a “review”?

    “I haven't actually gotten my mitts on them yet” but then say…
    “These are wonderfully soft” and elaborate whimsically. How can you tell they aren't just the same as Classicos with a different print? How can you review something you haven't touched besides the previous comments where the particulars aren't addressed.

  8. I believe that the cost is a little over 1.50 per diaper and i have to say i have been buying bambino since the old old ones and there is no other diaper that even comes close these diapers hands down are the absolute best in comfort, design, babyish feel and look, and most importantly functionality is top I LOVE MY BAMBINOS

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